Stroud Homes is your split-level home expert

Stroud Homes is your split-level home expert

Custom Designed Home in Brisbane West taking advantages of views

Great views

Split level blocks are often on hills which can feature a great view over the top of other homes in the area.

They are also typically less sought after than flat blocks as they are more expensive to build on. Therefore, the lots are typically cheaper and more widely available.

Building a split level home with an expert builder like Stroud Homes will give you a unique home with great views and better value.

We speak to Stroud Homes Brisbane West Sales Consultant Joshua Moore about building split-level designs.

Elanor 260 Split Level Coast Façade
What Stroud Home designs are available as a Split-level design?

We have a huge range of our designs already that have been modified for split blocks, including our Avoca and Wildflower ranges.

We have some designs that are only designed for split level blocks, such as the Kaydon 255 and Elanor 260.

We can also modify any of our designs to work on a split-level block.

Of course, some designs will work much better than others, but we are more than happy to work with you to design something to suit your exact needs.

What blocks suit a split-level design dwelling?

Split level homes are a fantastic option for home buyers looking to build on sloping blocks of land.

Split level blocks are typically defined by two level pads, separated by a retaining wall of anywhere between 0.5m up to 3m.

Sloping blocks are typically left as the natural ground falls, with a large slope and work well for a slump home.

Do split level design home include your 16 or 20 week build time guarantee, or do these designs take longer to build?

If the design was under 300m2, we would guarantee a 20 week build time for the split-level home.

Kaydon 255 Sloped Block Coast Façade
What are the challenges for you as a builder when building a split-level home?

There is more cost involved in a split-level build. Typically there is a fair bit of site works required, including structural retaining walls.

There are also the safety requirements that need to be looked into as the higher pad may include a fall risk, which will require scaffolding to keep the trades safe.

Which is the most popular split-level design and why so?

The Kaydon 255 is a fairly popular choice, it will fit on those compact split level blocks, and is also a nice square design, which keeps costs low.

Have a look at some of Stroud Homes award-winning home designs and start planning for what you want to get out of your new home and block.

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