Stroud Homes Only Use Quality Products

Stroud Homes Only Use Quality Products


Quality vs price

The saying “you get what you pay for” is certainly true.

You can get many products for your new home from online or overseas suppliers that either do not meet Australian standards, don’t work or fit correctly, or perform way below what would be expected of such a product, and price.

You will also find that some homes can be built very cheaply, as the trades are paid a minimum fee and are expected to complete several jobs in a short time frame to get to the next job quicker.

Operating in such a manner can reduce the overall quality of a home considerably, and regular maintenance will be needed, or the products will need to be replaced more frequently.


The Stroud difference

At Stroud Homes Adelaide Hills, we believe in using quality products that meet the customers’ needs and expectations, and that will last a number of years with a good warranty attached to them.

All Stroud Homes are pre-priced with standard inclusions to take the guesswork out of building. You know upfront exactly what your home will look like and how much it will cost.

Our quality range of fittings, colours and finishes is so extensive, your home will look and feel anything but standard. And if you’re looking for something extra? Take a look at our Premium Inclusions Upgrades range.

We also believe in using fully licensed and insured trades that know how to complete a job properly from start to finish with the correct techniques, using the correct products to achieve the desired finish.

In order to achieve high level finish it takes a combination a good product and a skilled trade to achieve that.


Apples for apples

In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”. This is so true.

The initial outlay may be considered more, however, over the long term the quality comes into its own.

At Stroud Homes Adelaide Hills we understand that a potential client will compare what we have to offer against other builders.

When doing this we ask that a comparison is made on the basis of ‘Apples for Apples’. All of these 1%s add up, the care and consideration for quality adds up to an overall better finish.


What we do at Stroud

At Stroud Homes Adelaide Hills we use 18mm skirting boards and architraves rather than the cheaper 11mm as this tends to warp if there is any moisture in the air.

All our homes have 90mm cornice as a fully loaded inclusion rather than the standard 55mm, which provides an overall better finish and much better quality look.

For power we install the Clipsal Iconic range, slimline and with removable fronts in case you want to change the socket to a different colour at a later date with ease. They look modern and seamless, enhancing the quality feel.

With our builds, double power points are standard, and these days are a must! The only single you will find is behind the dishwasher, fridge and microwave where you would never get to the socket anyway.

When we install stone on our facades, we use a stone mason, not a tiler. The stone mason uses all of the correct bonding products and materials needed to make the stone work look incredible. Cutting corners and using incorrect trades results in facades falling off and isn’t a pretty site!

At Stroud Homes Adelaide Hills, we take our time to get this right for you, so all you have to do is enjoy your new home.

Gary Barlow
Gary Barlow

For a quality build call Stroud Homes, feels like home.