Stroud Homes Provides Builder's Insight

Nathan Dunn speaking at GCJCC event On a Wednesday night last month Nathan Dunn, our Gold Coast Builder, spoke to a group of young professionals about building your first home at the Gold Coast Junior Chamber of Commerce (GCJCC) Property Seminar.

Nathan covered important information for first home buyers, such as the Great Start Grant, some of the challenges first home builders can face, and essential tips to help overcome these challenges.

The GCJCC provides an environment for young business people on the Gold Coast to improve their leadership skills, create an environment for developing business and entrepreneurial skills, while providing a chance to mix with like-minded people and build long term, career defining networks.

The Property Seminar in March was the first of an information insight series aimed at providing young professionals with skills, knowledge and connections to help them make the most of their career and property opportunities on the Gold Coast.

Hosted at the Commonwealth Bank’s Southport branch, personal lending specialist Chris Thompson spoke first about your options for home and building loans, some of the unknown restrictions, fees and charges, as well as ways you can avoid these if you’re smart with your money and investments.

Nathan was then able to follow up with the benefits of owning your own home and the benefits of building your home, rather than buying an existing property.

GCJCC members at Property Insight Series eventThere was a great deal of interest in building and Nathan finished up by answering questions from the audience.

One of the key concerns was how long it would take to build and everyone was pleasantly surprised to hear about Stroud Homes’ 16 week build time.

Those attending found it very informative to have both a builder and a lending specialist answering questions together. Questions about stamp duty, the Great Start Grant, locations and property values were answered by the speaker with the most knowledge of the topic, and even together where appropriate.

Overall the night had a great turnout and the Gold Coast Junior Chamber of Commerce passed on their appreciation to Nathan for his valuable insights for first time home builders.