Stroud Homes Reforestation Initiative

Stroud Homes Reforestation Initiative

Caring for the Environment

When building with Stroud Homes Brisbane South you are not only ensured to get the best customer service and your dream home, you are also contributing to important reforestation projects planned for your area.

15 trees for every home

Giving back to the local community and taking care of the environment is important for Stroud Homes Brisbane South.

The company will therefore contribute 15 trees to a local reforestation project for every Stroud Homes home built.

Stroud Homes does this by partnering with forestry professionals to identify environmentally relevant projects and then fund planting of native forests.

Over the past four years, Stroud Homes have contributed over 15,000 trees in an effort to help regenerate our local forests and our natural environment.

Brigalow Forest

In South East Queensland there is an effort to regenerate Brigalow forest in areas where Brigalow was once common.

An example of a ForestLink project involves Stroud Homes partnering with Trees Land Carbon to deliver new plantings of Brigalow forest in the Scenic Rim region in South East Queensland, with more than 3,000 of these trees planted in and around Logan and The Scenic Rim.

More than trees

But the ForestLink reforestation projects involve more than just planting trees.

ForestLink contributions are also used to control exotic weeds pre-plant, to control grass and weeds around newly planted trees and shrubs, and in application of soil wetting agents.

Find Out More

To find out more about this initiative, get involved or inform us of any upcoming project, please visit our ForestLink Reforestation Initiative page:

Stroud and Natural Environments

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