Stroud Homes Reforestation Project

Stroud Homes Reforestation Project

Building with Stroud homes helps greening our environment

Giving back to the local community and taking care of the environment is important for Stroud Homes Sunshine Coast. This year the entire team is committed to planting 601 trees in the Lamerough Creek West Environmental Reserve, as part of a reforestation initiative with Forest Link.

The company contributes 15 trees for every house they build. This is done in partnership with forestry professionals to identify environmentally relevant projects and then fund planting of native forests. We talk to Katie of Stroud Homes Sunshine Coast to find out more.

This is an initiative we have enforced from day one and it’s something we take great pride in because we are helping our local area thrive,” says Katie.

“We love to see our local area at its best, so we choose specific areas on the Sunshine Coast that will benefit the most from our reforestation initiative.”

ForestLink is funded directly from Stroud Homes contributions. But the good work doesn’t stop there, Stroud Homes Sunshine Coast also helps the environment by ensuring all timber used in builds is sourced locally from sustainable timber plantations, Katie tells us.

Tree planting

Donating their time and money to the local area has always been a priority for the team on the Sunshine Coast. Last year, 25 Stroud Home team members, subcontractors and suppliers helped plant 350 trees in Buddina Sunshine Coast on the beach.

“It is extremely important for us to support such an initiative because we are proud of where we live and we want to see it thrive,” explains Katie.

“We are a local builder who supports our local community by giving back as much as we possibly can, in any way we can.”

The ForestLink reforestation projects involve more than just planting trees. ForestLink contributions are also used to control exotic weeds pre-plant, to control grass and weeds around newly planted trees and shrubs, and in application of soil wetting agents.

600 trees

Because the team has so many trees to plant this year, they will be undertaking the mammoth task over a three-month period, putting down 200 trees per session.

The team has been working alongside the local Sunshine Coast Council, who has a great Community Nature Conservation Program, to choose a location that will really benefit from these trees.

This year the trees are being put down in Lamerough Creek West Environmental Reserve, which is located near Pelican Waters. Katie says the site is ideal for the project as it is large and is located in a lovely peaceful spot right adjacent to a creek.

Find out more about the ForestLink program and how you can help the environment when you build with Stroud Homes.

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