Stroud Homes Southern Netball Cup

Stroud Homes Southern Netball Cup

The Stroud Homes Southern Netball Cup is another example of Stroud Homes builders believing in, helping and supporting anyone in their target market.

For us, it’s not about building houses, it is about building dreams – providing great quality homes carefully wrapped in an unprecedented customer service experience. For the ladies of the Netball world, it’s all about achieving, believing and constantly improving their way to their dreams and goals – that’s why we connect with and choose to support these glorious gladiators of the Netball courts!

At Stroud Homes, we take it that building your own new home is one of those un-missable life experiences, right up there with finding the love of your life, looking in the eyes of your new baby and winning the Stroud Homes Southern Netball Cup!

We wish all teams the very best in their battle for Victory!

The Stroud Homes Southern Netball Cup is a joint sponsorship of Stroud Homes Gold Coast and Stroud Homes Brisbane South.

Stroud-Homes-Southern-Netball-Cup-GC-Bulletin Gold Coast Bulletin April 1, 2015