Stroud Homes Sydney South West showing the way

Stroud Homes Sydney South West showing the way

We’re super stoked to see the first Stroud Homes being built in Sydney!

Freddy Khachan has done a great job of pioneering the brand here. A ton of experienced established builders – and they still chose us!

Sydney is a huge market with a squillion builders, many very good. It is so good to see our views on how to sell and service families who come to have a new house built prevail. We must be doing something right!

It is a real buzz to be putting up signs in Sydney. As the underdog, it is so easy to be intimidated by the experienced, established builders BUT – sales have been very good at Fred’s office in Kemps Creek. We must have something the other builders are not offering.

Fast Track Certification Process

Fred Kachan has developed a fast-tracking process where he completes all certification ahead of land registration. Net result? – This family gets their new Stroud Home long before their neighbour!

For more information about building with Stroud Homes in Sydney’s South West be sure to Give Freddy a call on 1300 886 325 or drop by our display centre at 793 Fifteenth Avenue, Kemps Creek.