Stroud Proud Subbies

Stroud Proud Subbies

It’s been scorching hot on the Sunshine Coast this week!

Here at Stroud Homes we would like to say a massive thanks to the unsung heroes working out in some extreme Sunshine Coast heat. It’s only a small token of our appreciation but we hope the ice cold drinks handed out today made that heat just a little more bearable.

As far as builders go on the Sunshine Coast, Stroud Homes does have high standards and we ask a lot from our Subbies. Furthermore, they very rarely get the praise they deserve for the fantastic highly skilled work they all do in their specialised fields.

The more Stroud Homes supports our Subbies the higher the quality of work they will deliver into our customers’ homes. The higher the quality of work the happier our customers are, the happier our customers are the more Stroud Homes are sold which results in more work for our Subbies.

It is a great circular affect which supports everyone in our local Sunshine Coast community providing massive employment opportunities.

Interested in becoming part of our subcontractor team? Call our site supervisor Barry on 0439 985 757 or email at [email protected]

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