Stroud Racing Update – May 2015

Stroud Racing Update – May 2015

FX series at Queensland Raceway


Only 1 event during May for the Stroud racing team.. A late decision to compete in the new FX series at Queensland Raceway had mixed outcomes.

Andy decided to attend the practice afternoon and in good conditions had set up issues “I am still having issues with the traction control and getting the bike to turn, I am constantly running wide and have had too many visits to the grass.”

Race day threw in another obstacle, a head wind and inconsistent wind gusts.  “Qualifying was strange. I felt OK but was obviously slower than yesterday, not even using top gear down the main straight, I must be 15km/h slower than yesterday”.  The conditions were a distraction for everyone and Andy managed to put the bike on the front row (Our first ever Stroud Homes front row start) in 3rd.

Stroud-Homes-Racing-5The race was great, I managed the hole-shot and turned into corner 1 in first (another Stroud racing first), unfortunately this didn’t last, however Andy held onto 2nd until a mistake on the 3rd lap leaving him back in 7th, a couple of bold overtaking moves and Andy managed to finish 4th.

Another great start running second again at the end of lap 1 and then Andy was hit by another rider twice in the same corner, a repeat of race 1 had Andy back in 8th and with some work to do.  “I wasn’t very happy with being hit so I made a few late overtaking moves, I managed to get back to 5th, very disappointing”

Still having set up issues Andy decided to turn off the traction control and the result were obvious.  “I got a reasonable start from the second row and decided to just go for it, everything came together, I could turn the bike with ease, brake so much later, I took 2 laps to get clear of the main group battling for 3rd and starting raining in 2nd and fell just short finishing 3rd.  I also managed the 2nd fastest time of the day.”

Sitting in 3rd overall and having found some extra pace “I was looking forward to the final race, I knew I had pace of the bunch and wanted to get out on my own and see what we could do.  With a reasonable start, sitting in 4th and setting up to take 2nd & 3rd, I made a stupid mistake and went down.  The bike was severely damaged, a very disappointing end to a day that had some highs and lows.”Stroud-Homes-Racing-1

As for the next step “we will get the bike fixed ASAP, we are sitting in 5th in the main series and the Qld titles are next, hopefully with some luck and the ability to turn the bike the results might come.”

Thanks to the Stroud Homes Family and James himself for all the support.

Round 1 of the Southern Downs Race Series

Round 1 of the Southern Downs Race series got underway at the weekend where the Stroud Homes Honda made its debut.

Stroud-Homes-Racing-4Andy make a mistake during practice and unfortunately put the bike into a slide, luckily there was minimal damage and the weekend was able to continue as planned.

Qualifying didn’t go to plan only gaining 9th spot on the grid and times were down on expectation.  “The third row isn’t ideal, but it is a short run to corner one so with a good start I may pick up a spot or two.”

Race one was horrific and the lack of practice showed after a good start an up to 7th, Andy fell off the pace over the last couple of laps and dropped to 10th.  “This is very disappointing, especially after seeing the lap time sheet”.

Sunday was much better after a good night sleep and a lot of thought into the poor performance on Saturday.  “I made some changes to the bike, gear ratios, seating position and tyre pressure and tried to forget the day before.  The first race was much better, again a good start, up to 7th and only losing 1 spot during the race and staying with the guys ahead.  This continued during the day and by the 4th leg was able to hold onto 6th and see the times come down almost 2 seconds on Saturday.”Stroud-Homes-Racing-2

The overall result was 7th, a great job by Andy after a troublesome start to the weekend and showed plenty of promise for the coming rounds.

Next round

The next round is only 3 weeks away, to be held again at Morgan Park Raceway in Warwick.