Stroud’s Award Winning Display Home

Stroud’s Award Winning Display Home

Stroud Homes' HIA Award for Wildflower Display Home We’ve always loved our Wildflower 256 home design but now we’re excited to announce the display home for this design has been recognised with an award from the Housing Industry Association.

The design won the category for Best Display Home Under $300,000 in the Gold Coast Northern Rivers Region.

It’s important to remember that this is an incredibly competitive field; in building a home everyone can afford there’s a lot more competition compared to building a million dollar home. You have a smaller budget and tighter criteria, making innovation an important factor.

The Wildflower display home is one of Stroud Homes’ most popular designs because of its great look, open plan and innovative design features.

“Openness is very important so there are a lot of windows so natural light could flood into the home,” James Stroud explains.

Display Home Open DesignEven little features like the kitchen wine rack are well thought out.

Big homes these days have wine cellars as Australians transition from the VB drinking culture – the Wildflower’s wine rack is in the middle of the walk-in pantry so people can show off their wine collection.

Running water can be quite therapeutic so the design was built around the pool with as many rooms having views of the water as possible.

“I made a decision to move to Australia rather than Canada because living in Australia is like living in a resort everyday,” James says.

“I wanted to try and create an affordable home with some of the features only the wealthy could experience, particularly a bedroom with a view of the water surface of the swimming pool.”

Stroud Homes Resort Style LivingWith great use of light, an open design and views of the pool from most rooms, the house definitely has an element of luxurious, resort style living.

“It’s a very welcoming, friendly, open design.”

James encourages anyone interested in building their own home to not just come and see the Wildflower display home, but also to imagine what it would be like to live in it.

“Just like with a new car you have that first month where you’re discovering all the new features – with a new home like this over the first six months you’ll be noticing all the great little designs we’ve added.”

This isn’t the only HIA award Stroud Builders have taken out this year either. Dan Chapman, our Sunshine Coast builder,  also won a HIA builder’s award for a unit he built earlier this year.