Stroud’s Black & White Quotes Make Budgeting a Breeze!

Stroud’s Black & White Quotes Make Budgeting a Breeze!

Building a new home is one of, if not the biggest investment you’ll make in a lifetime. This being said, it’s so important to get it right.

Your Budget

The first place to start when building a new home is looking at what you can afford, setting a spending limit and sticking to it. If your budget is not clearly established early on and you’re not committed to it – you can easily overspend and leave yourself in a tight situation. Be honest with yourself and with us so that we can help you stick to the budget – we’ll work with you to build a home that agrees with the budget, works well on the land and meets the needs of your family!

There’s more to budget for than just the house

Think about all the aspects of a liveable home: the land (and its associated costs), the house, the furniture and so on. It’s imperative to set a budget for each of these parts from the start, as without limits on each aspect of the project you can overspend in one area then leave yourself making unfortunate compromises in other parts of the process.


It’s important not to overspend on the land because you don’t want to put yourself in a position where you can’t afford to build the home you want. With our relationships with developers and real estate agents we can help you find a block within your budget. We also offer free no obligation site evaluations where we’ll meet you at a block that you own or may be interested in purchasing to determine home suitability and potential site costs and what preparation the site may need before building.

What’s included in the Price of Your House?

It’s a good idea to get a realistic price for the house and inclusions you’re wanting to build as early as possible so you can budget accordingly. The prices many builders initially advertise need to be scrutinised to find out exactly what’s included – it may just be too good to be true. Not all builders offer the same inclusions so you’ve really got to compare apples for apples not just the advertised price which is normally “starting from”.

At Stroud Homes, we offer everyday pricing, there are no inflated prices and giveaway ‘promotions’, just real pricing! Our connections with trades and suppliers allows us to offer the best pricing on high quality inclusions. We offer an extensive range of Fully Loaded Inclusions so that on the day of handover you can move right in and hang your blinds. The flooring, driveway, letter box, clothesline and TV antenna are all included with your new home and are just some of our 81 Fully Loaded STANDARD inclusions.

Our Quotes are Black and White!

Our inclusions are presented to you in an upfront black and white quote that clearly states what you’re getting for your investment and what will be included in your home for the price quoted. Our systems allow us to accurately quote, meaning we will let you know exactly what it costs to build your home! Plus there are no hidden fees as our contracts are fixed prices.

Go ahead, ask us for a quote!

We can’t wait to present you with a quote for one our quality homes with functional, tried and tested Fully Loaded inclusions. What you see is what you get! At Stroud Homes Casey we are confident that our black and white quotes will come out on top for value for money, inclusions and customer service! Call now on 1300 554 887 or email [email protected]