Sunshine Coast Is Going “Gangbusters”

Sunshine Coast Is Going “Gangbusters”

In our last article we spoke about the new Aura Estate under development south of Caloundra.

This new housing estate will see over 20,000 new homes built for over 50,000 Sunshine Coast residents, along with a new display home for Stroud Homes Sunshine Coast.

This massive new estate, the largest residential housing estate in Australia, is just one of many new developments occurring on the Sunshine Coast this year, and Dan Chapman from Stroud Homes Sunshine Coast is excited at what’s to come.

“We’ve got the largest residential housing development in Australia, we’ve got the largest hospital in the Southern Hemisphere, we’ve had the Sunshine Coast Airport approved for not only expansion, but also to be converted to an international airport, we’ve also got a gigantic solar farm going in at Yandina, and many more new developments,” Dan says.

Just last month the new Sunshine Coast University Hospital in Kawana opened its doors and started taking patients.

This is a new world-class facility and, once completely operational, will be the largest medical precinct development in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Sunshine Coast Airport has been approved for expansion by the Federal Government, with plans for a $347 million upgrade and conversion to an international airport.

There’s even construction underway for a 15-megawatt solar farm in Valdora, ahead of expected consumption increases as the Sunshine Coast population continues to increase.

Due to open mid year, the new solar farm is expected to provide $22 million in savings over the next 30 years, as the council strives to become Australia’s most sustainable region.

Back down at the new Aura Estate, there’s also the Harmony Estate being developed just next door, where we’ll see another 7,000 new homes go in this year.

“It’s just going absolutely gangbusters here at the moment.”

As the region continues to grow, Dan is determined to maintain the same level of service that makes Stroud Homes a popular choice for Sunshine Coast residents.

“Once we open the new display home in Caloundra, we’ll actually have a specialised team in there that focuses on delivering service to that southern region, just to make sure we don’t lose our service capabilities to the people in the northern region as well.”

Exciting times are ahead, especially if you’re looking to build your first home.

If you want to make the most of these new estates, drop into our display centre, the Bli Bli display home, or call on 07 5444 2521 to talk to us about your home ideas.