Supporting Each Other & Rural Communities

Supporting Each Other & Rural Communities

While each of the Stroud locations work within their teams, there’s plenty of support between the builders across office locations, as we found out talking to Dan Chapman of Stroud Homes Sunshine Coast recently.

At the end of last year, Greg Neville from Stroud Homes Toowoomba approached Dan about helping out with a charity project.

Greg, working with ROUNDS (ND Rural Health Organisation), was wanting to help rebuild the Galupa Safety House – the base for a suicide prevention group in an indigenous community where there’s a high risk of suicide.

“He told us a little bit about it in terms of the rate of suicide amongst that society and area, how the house that he helped build is trying to directly prevent suicide,” Dan said.

“Australian Indigenous communities have the highest rates of suicide in the world (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2015). Indigenous youths aged 15 – 24 have 5.2 times greater risk of intentional self-harm than non-indigenous Australians (Closing the Gap Clearinghouse 2014, AIHW 2015).”

“Greg asked if I could provide some funding for it, so I researched it and saw it’s a really good idea and a great cause, I said yeah, I’d be more than happy to jump on board and offer sponsorship for it.”

Greg has been the presence on the ground for this project, with financial support from Dan at Stroud Homes Sunshine Coast, as well as Brisbane North, Brisbane South, Brisbane West, and the Gold Coast.

“Greg gave us lots of updates on his dealings on the ground while he was there,” Dan said.

He headed up to Galupa Safety House and worked on building an extension for the building, as well as improving the existing dwelling with medical students from the University of Notre Dame Sydney.

With the repairs and extensions on the house, Senior Elder Gayili Marika Yununpingu and the students can offer a healing, supportive environment away from the alcohol and drugs the youth or the area are often exposed to.

As yet, the supporting Stroud teams haven’t had a chance to see the work done, but there are plans to make a visit.

“We do hope to get up there soon, we were chatting about it not too long ago – there’s a Stroud Homes Darwin opening soon, so we’re going to do a bit of a tour; we’ll go to Darwin, and from Darwin we’ll go across for a day or two and check it all out and see it.”

This isn’t the only charity project Dan has supported. Stroud Homes Sunshine Coast will be participating in a massive planting operation to prevent sand dune erosion in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more information…