Sydney: A Tale Of Two Storeys

Sydney: A Tale Of Two Storeys

Sydney’s property prices have become renowned and the team at Stroud Homes Sydney South West have seen a significant rise in the property prices in their area this past year.

“We’ve seen some clients with over $100k of equity in their land before the property is even registered,” Freddy says.

This has caused an increase of small blocks on the market as people try to keep prices down, which in turn has resulted in the need to build double storey homes.

“Some of the blocks just can’t fit a regular sized single level home.”

Stroud Homes has a great selection of double storey home designs, all offering stylish facades and our full list of standard quality inclusions, but there are a few drawbacks with 2 storey homes.

It does take longer to build a 2 storey house, on average about 2 months longer than our usual 20 week build time guarantee.

There is also an increased cost for 2 storey homes, generally $50k more than a single storey house of the same size.

In Sydney there has been a very positive push towards steel frame construction for new homes.

This is due to its termite resistance (Sydney is prone to termite activity), it doesn’t warp like timber can, and it’s safer for asthma sufferers as there’s no dust from decomposition.

We’ll talk about the benefits of steel frames in another article.

Unfortunately, steel frame construction is often too expensive for double storey homes as the floor systems bring the price up.

It can be done, but you need to be prepared for the extra cost.

If you’re building in Sydney and want to make the most of your land, talk to us about how we can build you up when building out is not an option.

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