Talking Stroud & Proud Facades with Northern Rivers

Talking Stroud & Proud Facades with Northern Rivers

Beautiful Quality Home Designs

We are lucky to build beautiful homes in the picturesque Northern Rivers region. We are known in the area for our quality builds that look amazing and have great standout street appeal. We and our clients are super proud of our designs and that external appeal they bring to a street.

While the floorplan is the important factor to get right for your land, family lifestyle and budget, we know street appeal for the customer holds merit as an important point in future growth of their investment.

A beautiful home will stand out if you ever need to sell down the track, so that initial upgrade can make a big difference in the future.

Mountain Façade

The Mountain Façade would have to be Stroud’s most well-known stand out façade. The use of the large timber beams with Stone and cladding create a grand entrance that is so bold and inviting. We have built many of these so far, especially for the Kentucky design which just looks amazing on rural lots.

Hudson 378 Mountain Façade 

Alpine Façade

The Alpine Façade is similar to the Mountain, with subtle changes creating a ski lodge resemblance. This look suits both rural or beachside areas with the choice of certain colours to suit the environment.

Wildflower 190 Alpine Façade
Wildflower 190 Alpine Façade

Coast Façade

The Coastal façade is popular and offers the more rendered look to the Classic which is the most economical option. Stone work is included in some of our Coastal façades for that beachy feel and as many of the designs, there can be a slight twist to the façade in each individual design to bring the little wow factors.

Beechmont 220 Coast Façade
Beechmont 220 Coast Façade

Kirra 270 Coast Façade
Kirra 270 Coast Façade

Classic Façade

Rooflines and ceiling heights change with the differing facades but if you do choose a Classic Façade, bricks have come such a long way in the last few years giving you a beautiful finished look.

Avoca 198 Classic Façade
Avoca 198 Classic Façade

Portico Façade

The Portico façades also made of predominantly face brick , achieve a great modern look these days with brick options.

Hudson 378 Portico Façade
Hudson 378 Portico Façade

Skillion Façade

Other modern façades that are popular include the Skillion Façade. We are getting a lot of requests for this home design along the beachside suburbs as the angled lines give the sophisticated look with great contrast.

This is often where our Sales Experts can help to achieve the look you want with knowledge of design restrictions of certain councils or estate covenants (e.g. height restrictions on roof pitches and even the colour of your roof have certain requirements in different areas).

Wildflower 274 Skillion Façade
Wildflower 274 Skillion Façade

Urban Façade

The Urban Façade is another modern look occasionally adopted in our area, the industrial trend has influenced this façade and can feature contrasting materials to make it really stand out.

Azalea 247 Urban Façade
Azalea 247 Urban Façade

Federation Façade

The most recent Stroud Facades brought to the forefront are the Federation facades, which have the flexibility to create a look anywhere from classic federation look, to a near Hamptons style which is quite popular still.

With our Hamptons Upgrade Options for your Kitchen and Bathrooms, you can really set the Hamptons theme up with the help of this Façade.

Wildflower 256 Federation Façade
Wildflower 256 Federation Façade – Rendered Exterior

Wildflower 256 Federation Façade
Wildflower 256 Federation Façade – Brick Exterior

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