The 3 Fits Of Home Building

The 3 Fits Of Home Building

Fitting the family, block and budgetIt’s a new year and many people have decided this is the year to build their own home. We spoke to Joel Freeman, the builder from Stroud Homes Port Macquarie, about what new home buyers should be looking for when it comes to building a new home.

“Three main things; the house they want to build has got to fit the block, it’s got to fit their family, and it has to fit in their budget.”

It may sound like a bit of a cliché, but if you can’t fit with any of these, you really can’t build.

Stroud homes has a range of home designs to choose from, including designs for narrow blocks, small homes, two storeys and even acreage designs.

Even our smallest home designs make great use of space, so a small family can live comfortably on lots as narrow as 8.8 metres.

You need to be able to put more than just a family in your home though, so Joel urges new home buyers to look at the inclusions that come with a new home.

Compare apples with apples“Have a close look at the standard inclusions of each builder, even take a quote from a builder inclusions you’re happy with, and use it to compare with quotes from other builders.”

“That way you can compare apples with apples.”

Another thing to look out for is inflated site costs or hidden costs.

“I would recommend finding a builder that’s very transparent and upfront about every single item from the get go – from turf, to blinds, to money set aside for fencing.”

Even though you usually go halves with neighbours for the cost of a fence, it’s best to have that money set aside ready.

“We all know once you move into a house the motivation to get those little items complete fades somewhat. It’s just a much nicer feeling to move into a completely finished house knowing there’s nothing left to pay for.”

If you’re thinking of building a new home and you’d like to talk to a builder who’s open about all the costs and provides an all-inclusive quote, drop in to the Port Macquarie display centre today.