The Advantages Of House and Land Packages

The Advantages Of House and Land Packages

James discusses the advantages of purchasing a House and Land package and the work that goes into preparing them, so you don’t have to do that work when you are ready to buy.

So you can’t fit every house on every block. You have to find a house that fits the block. Sometimes we have people come to see us. They bought a block of land, they fallen in love with it, and the house that they love doesn’t fit on it. Sometimes they pick a house that they fall in love with and they’ve got to go find the land. Getting this marriage between the land and the house is not easy. But with House and Land packaging, we do it for you.

So as time goes on, when vacant land becomes available in the areas where we’re building homes, we will just do the administration work of fitting one of our homes, the most suitable of our homes, to that block of land. And we do this continuously. So if you think about that process of fitting a home that fits a block, a home that fits the family, and a home that fits the budget, we can take two parts of that out.

Our House and Land package considers the right home for the block. Now, at first glance you might think, “Well, that’s fairly easy to do.” But we’ve got to consider where the sun is coming from to make sure that you’re getting the morning sun in your house but not the afternoon sun. We’ve got to make sure that the driveway is in the right place. The driveway can’t just come off the house onto the street in any locations. You’ve got drains and corners that you need to avoid. You got services you need to get into the house. You got slope on the land.

When we do a House and Land package, we consider all of that boring stuff and get it out of the way for you, give you a price to fit that home to that block of land. All done.