The Advantages to a Knockdown Rebuild

The Advantages to a Knockdown Rebuild

The Knockdown Rebuild Solution

“A knock down rebuild is exactly what it sounds like, instead of renovating or building on an empty block of land, we knock down an older existing home and rebuild a new one where the old one was!” explains builder Jason Till from Stroud Homes Ipswich.

With land close to the city becoming scarce and more expensive, knockdown rebuilds are becoming more and more popular every year. Jason Till talks to us about why a knockdown rebuild is a great solution.

Knock down older house to rebuild on land

Advantages of a Knockdown Rebuild

1. Location

If you love where you live, but have outgrown the home you live in, a knockdown rebuild is the perfect option for you.

“We are finding that most of our clients interested in a knockdown rebuild love the position of their current home but are looking to upgrade the home itself.”

2. Land Scarcity

Many investors in Brisbane West and Ipswich are looking for run-down homes located on good real estate that can be turned around or rented out for profit. This is especially pertinent to the areas closer to the city centres where many young professionals still want to be.

3. Cost

Often a knockdown rebuild will cost a similar amount to a major renovation on an older home.

Jason says, “When you knock down your old home and start from scratch, you can design the exact home you want, you know everything is brand new and you don’t have to worry about sections of your home aging faster than others.”

4. Warranty

Stroud Homes offers real guarantees and commitments so that at the end of the building process, the client is left with a home that meets all requirements.

Stroud Homes Ipswich’s structural guarantee ensures that your home meets the benefit of warranties from Australia’s top manufacturers, including a 25-year warranty on timber frames.

Brisbane West Ipswich knockdown

Challenges of a Knockdown Rebuild

A knockdown rebuild is not without challenges, however the team from Stroud Homes Ipswich are always up to the task. Factors that need to be considered during the process include:

  • Understanding the materials used to build the original home. Many older homes in the region contain asbestos, if this is the case the home needs to be safely demolished at a cost.
  • Slope of the block.
  • Infrastructure in the immediate area such as sewer pipes, powerlines, swimming pools and sheds.

Sloping Block in Brisbane West

Jason and his team can help to get rid of most of the question marks by getting a soil test, contour survey and pre-check organised. These checks are part of the preliminary agreement and can help the team price your knockdown rebuild accordingly.

“Before we sign a final contract with you, we will price you as accurately as possible, and will only use allowances for items that we simply cannot know until the house has been removed,” says Jason.

With honesty the best policy for Jason and the team, they will always be clear with clients about allowances rather than leaving the budget open to nasty surprises.

Knockdown Rebuild Success

Recently, the Stroud Homes Ipswich crew completed a build for their client Diane. “Diane had lived in her old home for decades and decided it was time to upgrade, but loved the area she was in and didn’t want to move,” Jason tells us.

By clearing the old home and building a brand-new Stroud Home design, the team were able to hand over the keys to a beautiful new – asbestos-free – home. The cherry on top? Diane was presented with a beautiful kitchen to be proud of.

If you’re considering a knockdown rebuild in the Ipswich or Brisbane West area, Jason and the team would love to talk to you. Drop them a line on 07 3450 9857.


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