The Beauty of House & Land Packages

The Beauty of House & Land Packages


The Benefits of House & Land Packages

Stroud Homes Coffs Harbour have teamed up with local land agents to bring prospective home buyers a number of great House and Land packages in the Emerald Beach Estate and Woopi Beach Estate.

“The benefit of these packages is that clients know how much the entire package is going to cost up front.”

Why is that useful?  “It is great for people who are trying to stick a budget as it takes away the uncertainty of the build cost.”

For many people buying land and building a house is a very big undertaking. By combining the two, clients can clearly understand how much money they will be spending to get the house that they want, on the land they want.

Bronte 225 Classic Façade
Bronte 225 Classic Façade – House & Land Package Lot 411 Nature Drive Emerald Beach Estate

Everything is included

When you choose to purchase a House and Land package from Stroud Homes Coffs Harbour, everything from the letter box to the driveway to lighting has been thoughtfully included.

“We even have made an allowance so that the façade of the home adheres to the Estates design guidelines.”

This takes a lot of stress out of the home buying and building process as you can be sure there are no nasty surprises lurking around the corner. The only items not included in the price are window coverings, landscaping and fencing.

Avoca 198 Classic Façade
Avoca 198 Classic Façade

Time saving

“The other great advantage is that we can do the majority of our preliminary work while the land contract is waiting to be settled.”

By using this time, the team can complete the necessary field work and documents so that as soon as the client officially owns the land a Development Approval can be submitted to local council. “Once approved, we can start construction!”

A Stroud Homes folder of drawings

Something for everyone

The House and Land Packages have been created to suit the whole array of people looking to build in Coffs Harbour. From first home buyers looking to get into the market right through to retirees wanting to downsize, each home configuration has been thoughtfully chosen.

However, if you love a block of land but don’t like the proposed home that goes with it, the team can help guide you to choose another home that will work for that block.

“More often than not we adapt either the whole house design to something different or make modifications to the initial home to best suit the client’s needs and wants.”

Our packages

Currently, the team have a number of great packages located in the coastal Emerald Beach Estate and Woopi Beach Estate. These Estates are around 20 minutes north of Coffs Harbour and have a range of flat blocks measuring 525m² – 600m² available in their latest stages.

To find out more about these House and Land packages, talk to the Stroud Homes Coffs Harbour team on 02 5606 2676.

House & Land Packages at Emerald & Woopi Beach Estates:

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