The Benefits of a Knockdown Rebuild

The Benefits of a Knockdown Rebuild

If you’re happy in the area you live, but you feel like you have outgrown your old home, there’s no need for you to relocate and buy a new house. Instead, an increasingly more common way of getting the house you always wanted, while staying in the neighborhood you’ve grown to love, is a knock down rebuild.

Knock down or Renovate?

Stroud Homes Canberra home builder VJ Tran tells us another reason more people are opting to knock down and rebuild their home from scratch, rather than renovating, is that often times the estimate for an extensive renovation can come comparatively close to a new home build.

“Sometimes the total cost may fall just short or even exceed a complete knock down and rebuild due to the extra labor and considerations required when working around an existing home’s structure and limitations,” says VJ.

“Hence, the per square rate for a renovation is generally greater than a new home build. As such, for major renovations/extensions, it sometimes makes sense to knock down and build from a blank canvas.”

Slab day Breadalbane


According to VJ, there are many benefits of a knock down rebuild. Some of the more appealing ones to clients are the fact that you’ll find yourself in a completely new home with all the guarantees and warranties you can expect with a new home build.

Another great benefit of rebuilding your own home rather than renovating is the avoidance of the maintenance and repairs that often comes with older builds.

You will also increase the market value of your new home when building it from scratch compared to a half renovated home with bits and pieces of the old structure in place. And when knocking down an old home you don’t have to design your build-up around your old floor plan, but are free to choose what suits you from the wide Stroud Homes range of award winning standard home designs or custom design.

Como 186 Coast Façade

The Como 186 Coast Façade


When opting for a knock down, there are however a few thing you need to consider.

Firstly, you have to be aware of restrictions pertaining to your property and home (e.g. heritage homes have certain restrictions tied to them) which your local land and planning authority can provide you more information on.

In some cases you may also be required to engage in specialist services to determine such things as whether you have a “fluffy” home and therefore require special considerations during demolition/removal.

“Inquire with your local planning authority and do your due diligence. You may find that listing and mapping out all the advantages and disadvantages of both options may help in your decision-making,” says VJ.

“Preparation and doing some homework is always the way to go.”

Here are a few things you should ask yourself before deciding to knock down and rebuild your old home:
  • Are there any government restrictions for a knock down/rebuild?
  • What are all the changes you would make to your existing home to modify it to suit our needs?
  • How much will those changes approximately cost?
  • How does this compare to the benefits and costs of a new home build?


When deciding to knock down your old home and rebuild with Stroud Homes Canberra, as a client you will benefit from all the same Stroud Homes warranties and guarantees offered with new home builds, including the 7-year structural warranty and 25-year guarantee on the frame.

VJ urges all clients who are thinking about a knock down rebuild around Canberra to contact him about all of Stroud Homes’ Built-in Confidence Warranties and Guarantees!


If you are thinking about tearing down your old home and rebuilding it, talk to Stroud Homes Canberra today on 02 6280 7286 or 0410 031 351 and they can talk you through your options.

Our Three Pillars

1. Customer Service

1. Customer Service

Customers receive a weekly care call every Friday to ensure they’re kept up to date with their building progress.

Free site evaluations of your land, even before purchasing!

Our supervisors only manage 10 homes at any one time, keeping our service personal.

Prior to each construction stage, you will receive a detailed list of Frequently Asked Questions in advance.

2. Build Quality

2. Build Quality

Our final inspections are completed by an independent assessor, Pty Ltd

Stroud Homes are rated by in the top 5% of all homes they have assessed for overall finish quality!

Stroud Homes has even had two Zero Defect Reports – this is a statistic which is unheard of in the building industry! Pty Ltd have been operating for over 20 years and inspect over 13,000 homes every year.

3. Value for Money

3. Value for Money

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