The Benefits of Building with Stroud Homes Melbourne North

The Benefits of Building with Stroud Homes Melbourne North

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Stroud Homes Melbourne North is the company you’ll want to build your forever home with.

“Everything’s included …complete from clothesline, right down to the numbers on the letterbox…”.

With Stroud Homes you get a home in which all the essentials are included as standard. From the moment you walk through your new front door, you’ll have everything you need to get started in your dream home.

We aren’t just your builder but a friend in the trade, and that’s what truly sets us apart. It’s not just our compassion that shows this; we’re upright and honest with everything we do. We include everything in our quotes from day one.

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Flexible builds

Stroud Homes is committed to assisting you in getting everything you desire for your future home.

We are exceptionally flexible and happy to suggest and make any changes that suit your family and lifestyle. We endeavour to fulfil all our customers requests –  your satisfaction with your new home is our priority.

“We have over eighty-one standard inclusions and a range of upgrades that are only limited by your imagination,”

David Kirby, Stroud Homes Melbourne North 

If it’s within your budget, there’s no reason you can’t have it! Whether it’s a luxury basin you yearn for or a special doorknob, your home can be customised to suit your heart’s desire.

Build times

What a quick build time we have here at Stroud Homes! We build all our standard homes (up to 300 sqm) in 20 weeks.

“That’s only twenty weeks until you’re free to experiment in your dream kitchen!”  says David.

The building of your home is overseen by our registered builder, David Kirby. This means the construction of your home is in the safest hands; David is a well-respected builder with 17 years’ industry experience.

“Your future home is secure with the inclusion of the statutory home warranty insurance, along with all product and suppliers’ warranties we offer.”



The pricing for your home will be determined by our sales consultant, after an initial free site inspection. You have nothing to fear! Everything will be provided in an upfront black and white quote, clearly stating what will be included in the quoted price.

No hidden fees whatsoever, our contracts are fixed price!

During the building process, you will receive up to five inspections of the build with our building supervisor.

Pre-construction steps

There are ten major steps needed before the construction of your home can commence:

  1. The site plan – this is where your chosen home design will be positioned on your block in a plan, once done, it’s emailed to you for your approval.
  2. Surveys are next on the list – appropriate soil tests, contour surveys and certifier pre-checks will be undertaken in an estimated 10-14 days.
  3. If you’re on an acreage block, a Home Sewerage Treatment Plant (HSTP) percolation test and HSTP design must be carried out.
  4. A draftsman will complete your preliminary drawings in approximately 10 days.
  5. The next step is for you to approve and confirm your plans are accurate.
  6. Once approved, your slab design will be ordered from the engineer, with a contract signing date being organised in the next couple of weeks.
  7. On contract signing day, you will need to allow two hours for the meeting. Multiple things will need to be covered on this day: The contract signing, a 5% deposit paid (less the Preliminary fee already paid), proof of land ownership and finance approval must be provided. A security account will need to be set up if paying for your home in cash.
  8. Within seven days of the contract signing, the plans are lodged to the Council for approval.
  9. Final colour selections are then made, assisted by our Interior Designer.
  10. Finally, just waiting on the Council approval (around a month), and then we’re free to build! Our Stroud team will begin on site work within only seven days of Council Approved plans.

Contact us today!

We’re a compassionate, family business, always open to new ideas.  Our sales manager Mark Booth will be happy to answer any inquiries you may have.

Have fun designing your dream home!

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