The Benefits of Choosing Registered Land

The Benefits of Choosing Registered Land

Explaining Land Titles

When looking for land to build your new home on it is important to know the difference between registered land and unregistered land.

Stroud Homes Brisbane North is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service to their clients and are keen to share some insight into how choosing registered land might work best for you.

What is the difference between registered and unregistered land?

A registered block of land has a ‘title’ this means you can own the land and build your new home on it. The registration provides evidence of title, facilitates sales and prevents unlawful disposal.

When land is not yet registered (does not have title) you cannot start to build your new home straight away. The process of land registration can sometimes take several months, potentially delaying the start for your build.

How to know if land for sale is registered or where do I find registered land?

The agent selling the land will be able to tell you if the block is registered. You can also ask your local council for this information.

What to do if your land is not registered?

If you find the perfect block of land but it is not yet registered, you can still start the process by talking to your Stroud Homes New Home Sales Consultant to find the right home for you, your land and your budget.

What are other factors you should take into consideration when deciding on a building block?

Some other factors to consider are the slope (the amount of fall) across the block, as this can affect the site works.

You should also consider whether your land has a Building Covenant or not. In some cases the Building Covenant can affect the style or size of home you can build.

Your New Home Consultant can also assist with a complimentary site evaluation of the land, even if you haven’t purchased the land yet.

What other benefits does Stroud Homes offer to get me into my new home sooner?

The processes that Stroud Homes Brisbane North has in place are fundamental to making the experience of building your home as smooth as possible.

We are a Brisbane North Local Builder who have great relationships with our trades and suppliers.

We understand how important build time is to you and that you’re paying interest, we know you’re paying rent, and we know you need your new home built on time. Therefore our 16 week build time* guarantee will also give you real peace of mind.

*Terms & Conditions – 16 Week Build Time Guarantee


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