The Building Process – From Initial Contact to Handover

The Building Process – From Initial Contact to Handover

Building your Dream Home

The process of creating your new dream home starts well before its foundation is poured.

You have probably been thinking about it for months, saving for years and dreamed about it since before you can even remember.

Therefore it’s important, once you’ve decided on a builder, to understand the process and the timeline of the different stages leading up to the complete product – your dream home.

We speak to Stroud Homes Melbourne North builder, David Kirby, about what to expect when building with his team, and what’s required of him as a builder, and of you as a home buyer.

Initial Contact

In order for Stroud Homes Melbourne North to get a better understanding of your needs and wants, David and the team will have you fill out a questionnaire about your, land, your budget and your desired house design.

Based on the answers, Stroud Homes are then able to tailor a response, outlining the different options for your home build and give you a preliminary quote.

Stroud Homes also offers all clients a FREE site evaluation at this stage. A site evaluation can help to give you a better understanding of exactly what would be required to build on a specific lot.

The preliminary quote will be adjusted accordingly to results of the site evaluation.

Preliminary Agreement

“When signing a preliminary agreement, you are not locked in to anything,” explains David.

“The preliminary agreement covers everything the builder needs to do to get you to the fixed price contract stage and is a separate document to the contract.”

This can include build requirements as stipulated by council or the development, and among other things:

  • Soil test
  • Contour Report

  • Preliminary drawings
  • Preliminary engineering

This is also the stage where the builder can start to organise your design and colour appointments.

David explains that Stroud Homes can hold the price for your build from the preliminary quote static during the preliminary agreement period for as long as 45 days.

Once the preliminary stages of the process is completed, you are ready for signing your contract.

Fixed Price Contract

A fixed price contract is the agreement that the price presented will remain the same from the start to the finish of the project.

When you build with Stroud Homes you can be confident of a 100% fixed price quote.

“The only reason the price will change, is if the client decides to make any major changes after the contract is already signed,” says David.

“Therefore, it’s best to have any changes made during the preliminary agreement phase, in the first draft of the architectural drawing .”

As soon as the contact is signed, it is time to lodge the documents with Council. Council can take anywhere up to eight weeks, but usually no more than 14 days, according to David.

Once Council has given its approval, your build can begin!

Build Time

Stroud Homes Melbourne North offers a 20 week build time guarantee.

However, this can be slightly affected by the the time of year (holidays) and/or the weather.

During the build time, the team keeps close contact with the client, and will send weekly updates every Friday.

All clients also have the opportunity to walk through the home up to five times before handover.

At the practical completion stage, Stroud Homes will have an independent quality inspector assess the home together with the home buyer, to make sure it is of standard.

If there’s anything in the home that needs rectifying, Stroud Homes is given 14 days to complete the item/s before the final handover.

But the communication doesn’t end after handover. Stroud Homes commit to contact you one week, one month and six months after handover, to confirm your home is meeting our performance expectations.

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