The Estate Of Land In Toowoomba

The Estate Of Land In Toowoomba

We’ve spoken previously how there’s a tremendous opening of land throughout the Toowoomba region, making it a very exciting time for building new homes.

Talking to Megan from Stroud Homes Toowoomba, there are definitely a few stand-out estates to look at if you’re planning on building a new home in 2017.

The Avenues of Highfield

“Probably the most exciting thing in terms of land development at the moment is The Avenues of Highfield, just literally down the road from our display office” Megan says.

“The difference in this particular estate, compared to what Toowoomba generally has, it’s going to be 100% owner occupied, so they’re basically selling to families who want to live in an estate with other families and not worry so much about the investors, the rentals and things like that.”

The estate has a well thought-out covenant, ensuring people put in the extra effort to make the houses look good in terms of street appeal, landscaping and other external features.

The Toowoomba team will be building a new display home in this estate by the end of the year,

“It’s going to be a modified version of our wildflower design, with an alpine/mountain façade.

“It’s going to have a lot of that bold culture stone, cladding and the feature timber gables which Stroud Homes are quite well known for.”

Stroud Homes Toowoomba also has possession of five lots in The Avenues estate, just waiting for you to build on.

You can see these blocks and more in Toowoomba’s house and land packages.

Adare Grove Estate

“I think the other one we’re quite excited about is down the range towards Adare, there’s an acreage estate getting the finishing touches at the moment.

“It’s a really good location for those who do work in Brisbane because it’s just off the highway with really good size blocks.”

Although they’re being marketed as rural blocks, the private developer is investing in landscaping, roads, drainage and other street appeal aspects.

It’s going to be the kind of estate that often appeals to Stroud customers.

“We find our clients prefer quality estates that haven’t just been brushed together, but have had a little bit of time put into the planning side of things.”

If you would like to talk about a new home in one of these estates, available house and land packages, or our home designs, drop in to the display home or call to make an appointment on 07 4615 4925 today.