The Faces Behind Your Dream Home

The Faces Behind Your Dream Home

To build the dream home with precision and exactness you need an experienced, passionate, and devoted builder  – John, Tammy and Toby are a close knit group that have known each other for over 20 years. They have a combined experience in the field of over 22 years and a love for the job like no other.

They believe the people of Wagga and surrounds need a builder that’s going to deliver with the product and deliver on their word, simple but something that is hard to find in the industry.


Values and Good Foundations

Just like building a home you need your foundations – Stroud Homes is a national brand with franchises across NSW, VIC, and QLD. Developed by James Stroud, Stroud Homes was created to fill in the gaps of poor customer service and product delivery the new home building industry desperately needed.

Stroud Homes understands that building a new home is likely to be the biggest investment most people will make. Therefore it’s vital to create a business model which will ensure customers know what they are getting, kept up to date throughout the build, and receive the keys to their dream home once completed.

John has always run his own business and shares the same values as Stroud Homes. After speaking with other franchise owners, customers who have built with Stroud Homes, and reviewing the systems in place, John and Tammy knew Stroud Homes Wagga Wagga would deliver on the values they have always carried in their business.

Support Network

When the walls and trusses go up it’s just one step at a time to assure strength within the building. Our business works the same, we have guidance from a support team who help manage Stroud Homes franchises around Australia. That is why we can provide services such as 24 hour quoting and 16 week build times.

We also have the ability to bounce off other franchises within our network so we can have a system that works. It gives you the reassurance that what you are buying has been tried, tested and we know it works.

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Quality and Stylish Inclusions

And last but not least, you have your floor coverings, kitchens and things that make a house just pop – this last section actually isn’t really a metaphor, we use high quality materials and appliances and we use lots of them!

All of our 88 standard inclusions have been tested in our own homes which has resulted in a range of quality products. We are open to adding extras and changing things up but we try our best to have everything in our inclusions and everything at a high grade so you don’t have to double check us. Not only does this save time and effort but again assures you that you’re going to be walking into a home fit for a family with taste.

Toby-HarrisOur display centre is filled with standard inclusions, designs, and the ingredients to build your dream homes.

Have a look for yourself, there’s a good chance you will fall in love with Stroud Homes just like I did!

Toby Harris – New home sales at Stroud Homes.