The Knock-Down-Rebuild Dilemma

Renovate or build new – the knock-down-rebuild dilemma

Many homeowners face a situation so familiar it’s almost a cliche: they’re happy with where they live, if only their home was bigger or different or newer in some way.

Others want to move to an established area but don’t like the idea of living in a home that doesn’t suit their lifestyle.

Maybe it’s out-of-date. Maybe it’s too small. Maybe it’s just… wrong.

Rather than joining the thousands who’ve learnt through painful experiences that TV reno shows reflect the reality of a home renovation about as accurately as any other Reality TV show, more and more people have done their homework and are choosing a Knock Down Rebuild (KDR) as the most cost-efficient and time efficient way to create the home of their dreams in the location they love.

We speak to Stroud Homes Gold Coast South’s Salesperson Chris Chan about the advantages of knocking down your old home and building it up new again.


“At Stroud Homes Gold Coast South, we can help you with the entire KDR process,” says Chris.

“We’ll meet with you on your site to look at exactly what you are starting with and do some preliminary checks on what the Gold Coast City Council is currently permitting in that location.”

With your input into the design that best suits your own family’s individual needs, tastes and budget, Stroud Homes Gold Coast South will be able to show you how best to unlock the potential of any given site – backed by a black-and-white quote so there are no nasty surprises.

The better choice

“With close to two decades of families who have been through either a KDR or an extensive renovation – and many discussions with other builders – I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the KDR option is clearly a better choice,” adds Chris.

“With our comprehensive packages we can do much more than just build you the home of your dreams!”

For time-poor professionals the company can handle all aspects of the process – rental home search, move out, storage, utility disconnections, all aspects of demolition works, pool, landscaping works, move-in and more!

For more information – even if you’re still at the early stages – call Chris Chan direct on 0424 25 3737 or email at [email protected].

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Chris Chan

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