Things to consider before choosing and contracting a builder

Things to consider before choosing and contracting a builder

A Big Decision

The idea of building your own home probably is keeping you up at night worrying, right? But the stuff of dreams can become a total nightmare when your homebuilder can’t execute on their promises. What’s more, a lack of customisation might leave you wanting more or feeling deceived.

Some builders make every attempt to woo you with low base prices, too good to be true promotions, and even very slick “As Displayed” upgrades. But, before you sign any contract, make sure you ask these crucial questions. Outlining your expectations ahead of time can save you time, money, and frustration in the long run.

How much can I customise?

A lot of builders out there (not us) won’t allow you to change their standard plans whether it be an internal wall, change the footprint or even look at developing a whole new plan with you. One of the appeals of building versus buying existing is getting exactly what you want. We realise our greatest competition is the existing home market and therefore are sensitive to ensuring we get the balance right for you on budget and for your family’s lifestyle.

Other builders keep costs in line by offering a set number of floorplans and finishes, allowing for very limited or no cosmetic tweaks along the way. Be very clear early what you want to change and if the builder will allow it or will they penalise you harshly in the hip pocket.


Is your Display home upgraded (and what comes standard)?

At Stroud it’s easy – it’s what you see is what you get. That is, EVERYTHING IS STANDARD. If it’s not, then it’s made very clear that we are presenting some snazzy upgrades which you can choose in your home if you wish and this is how much they cost to do so.

It’s easy to fall in love with that perfectly-staged display home which is jam packed with all the bells and whistles that are not included in the builders “Base Price” home figure.

Don’t fall victim until you get a clear answer of which features in the model home have been upgraded. Some builders want to show off what they can do for you but if they aren’t clear on what those features are then you can fall into the trap of believing its included, when it very well isn’t. Just be certain of what you’re buying before you sign anything. Be provided with a succinct list of inclusions and be sure to physically inspect them for yourself. They might not even be shown in the home and are at a colour and design centre for instance…..

Does your builder have references and great reviews?

The proof and measure of a builder is in their client testimonials. Ask them for a few people that have built similar properties to yours planned Check out their social media presence, their online integrity and go view the Product reviews website:

This will give you a deeper insight into how clients are treated. With fresh memories, past clients can give you a better idea of how well the builder stuck to timelines, any frustrations, and even a list of dos and don’ts with a builder. Building isn’t a perfect science and things do go wrong. It’s how those issues are handled that’s more important.

We have a General Manager to handle your needs and concerns and as the business owner I am hands on and my door is open should you require anything of a pressing or major concern. That’s a local builder backing up what he says and does.

What are the builder’s guarantees?

At Stroud Homes, we have confidence built in!

Do they have a guaranteed start date? We do – it’s within 7 days of council approval and bank commencement letter

Do they have a guaranteed build time? We do – 16 weeks for low-set homes 300sqm and under

What are their pillars of service? You can see ours here: Confidence Built In – Building Guarantees

These are the promises your builder makes to you and you can hold them to. Our level of commitment to you is industry-leading. That’s a peace of mind.

How does the builder handle complications?

Our business structure is 100% client focused. Our Voxer App for instance (a walkie talkie app) allows us to be continually and efficiently communicating with you to keep you abreast of the progress of your home at whatever stage its currently at.

How Voxer works

Friday Afternoon Call

Every Friday for instance you hear from a team member in our business that informs you of what’s happening and impending in the future. This level of communication and being informally consistently makes our clients happier and better informed.

Thus, decreasing the chances of dissatisfaction and handling anything that may go wrong to be attended to swiftly and sensitively. All along, with a record of what has transpired in real time. This function and commitment adds massive value for our clients and as a result our Stroud Clients we believe are much happier along the way.

What warranties does the builder provide?

We have a 12 months maintenance warranty period in play. Backed up by the Statutory homeowner’s warranty set by the industry.

What we don’t have is limited liability warranty periods that have been drafted by a bevy of lawyers which really doesn’t add too much value to a single owner at the end of the day.

Our homes are covered for a period of 6 years 6 months from the date that: (whichever is earlier):

  • the premium is paid
  • a contract is entered, or
  • work is commenced

A premium is paid by the builder to the QBCC for the insurable value of the home

The term ‘insurable value’ is the amount which represents the reasonable cost of having the work carried out by a licensed contractor on the basis that all materials are to be supplied by the contractor – if the work is carried out on this basis.

In layman’s terms – we cover your home in full for the building, defects liability and structural integrity period in accordance with the QBCC Home Warranty scheme law

What if we decide to cancel?

If your builder falls short, or your situation changes, make sure you have a way out.

At Stroud Homes for instance we have what’s called a worry-free guarantee. See here:

In most cases, you’ll put down a deposit to start, which may or may not be refundable. Make sure your builder has a cancellation policy you’re comfortable with, you can feel good about getting started.

Making the decision to build your own home is huge, to say the least and you will be putting your heart and soul into it. The building process can either be completely frustrating or totally gratifying, and most of the experience will come down to the builder you choose. Do your homework and compare builders on what they say and more importantly what they say they will do.

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