Think of Adding Future Value to your Home

Think of Adding Future Value to your Home

Simple ways to add value to your home

Quality is absolutely non-negotiable. Building a home is the dream for most Australians but money is usually the biggest obstacle standing in our way.

The easiest way around this is to find a cheap option to start with and renovate or add in additions later but the quickest way not to add value is to do it on the cheap.

As soon as someone sees a towel rail that’s half falling off, the immediate assumption is that everything was done on a shoestring budget. On the other hand, when you’ve used great fittings, a brand name bath and top-quality vanity, guests will be rest assured your home was built with love and care.

Add value to your bathroom without the fear of it going out of style…

Its scary when you think about choosing the colours for your home before you actually live in it and what if trends change or your taste does.

People are so often scared to inject a designer touch; in fear it will go out of date or that a potential future buyer won’t have the same taste. Including thoughtful on-trend design shows you’ve put your heart and soul into it.

A great place to show flair is the vanity. Should you change your style, or a future buyer not share your tastes, it’s a much easier item to replace than wall or floor tiles.

Use the space to your advantage

A bathroom needs to be a practical space. Spend time trying different layouts to ensure you’re making it feel as spacious as possible.

Avoid conflicting features like a toilet that is right in front of the shower door. Or a classic fail, the corner of the vanity being too close to the corner of the shower. Remember, if there is enough room, a double vanity is everyone’s dream.

Think about where your stuff will fit

Storage is essential, as designer vanities become more compact, you will need to include extra storage.

Be practical, use the space you have to your advantage, shaving cabinets behind mirrors is perfect to hide a messy bench.

A niche in your shower will keep your shampoo bottles off the floor and save you from having to hang a shower caddy. And shelves behind the door or any other open spaces will save you trying to find a specific size tallboy later.


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