Thomas & Emma’s Ultimate Home Design

Thomas & Emma’s Ultimate Home Design

Thomas_Emma_FamilyWhen the Stroud team’s estimator Thomas started developing the plan for his family’s dream home he held nothing back, planning for everything the new home will face.

From increased garage space to a children’s retreat and larger guest rooms, Tom has tweaked the already functional Hudson 378 Mountain plan.


Large guest rooms for visitors

“Since I’m from the United States and my fiancé is from Sydney we often have family visiting and staying with us. The larger guest bedrooms would be perfect to accommodate as many guests as we desired,” Tom says.

Hudson 378 Mountain FaçadeWhile the Hudson incorporates a Retreat room, often used as a reading or arts room. Tom’s changes adapt this into a children’s retreat with extra shelves for books and toys, as well as double doors to hide any mess.

Most families tend to find the Garage lacks in space for everything they try to fit in there and want a bigger one. Tom went for an extra double garage to house all the “toys.”


The Ultimate Plan

Download a PDF version of this plan (PDF 300K)

“I do enjoy motorbikes and camping so having an additional double garage would be the perfect set up to store all the toys, I’ve also added in higher garage doors just to ensure it all fits.”

There are extra robes and cupboards, a combination of lighting options, a tiled alfresco area and plenty of other additions to suit their family’s lifestyle.

The Ultimate Block

Thomas chose a block of land at 59 Hoop Pine Court located at Advancetown in the beautiful Gold Coast hinterland. This block is advertised at around the $280,000 mark.

Working off personal experience of different homes

Acreage -Home-Design-Hudson-35While some of the changes have come about from seeing what others have implemented in their own homes, most of Tom’s alterations come from personal experience.

“Just think about all the places you’ve stayed, what made that experience special and try to incorporate some of those ideas into your own home,” Tom advises.

“Everything we could desire would be included in this home, it would be somewhere to raise a family and a home I’d be extremely proud to show off.”


So how much does this Ultimate Home cost?

With the modifications Thomas and Emma made the price on this Hudson 378 is $394,396. This does not include the cost of the land at Advancetown. With land included the cost of this Ultimate Home is approximately $674,396.


Choose your dream home

If you have things you’d like to see added to your dream home design you can talk to our home builders about what can be done. Stroud Homes has a number of great home designs with different façade options that would suit many families, but as designs they certainly aren’t set in stone.

Start thinking about other places you’ve lived and what you’d have changed if you could, then talk to our builders. We’ll work with you to build your dream home.