Timber or Steel Frames?

Timber or Steel Frames?

The difference between timber or steel frames is a greatly debated topic. At Stroud Homes Toowoomba we preferably work with timber frames, listed below is a few reasons as to why we prefer timber over steel.

Having that green feeling

Timber is environmentally friendly because it is a natural product that is renewable. Whereas in order to produce steel products a large amount of energy is required making steel production one of the largest polluters on the planet.

“The thermal transfer of heat is greater on steel frame houses than in timber frame homes.” So if you were to have two houses with the same amount of insulation and air conditioning then your timber framed home will be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Basically a timber framed house will save you money on energy bills and save the environment from lower energy production.


Why it may seem better

Timber Frame and Truss companies do not market their product. They don’t need to. Over 90% of residential construction is undertaken using timber frame and truss systems.

Steel Frame and Truss manufacturing companies market their product. They need to. This is where the problem lies. In order to get their product into the market place Steel Frame manufacturers have to “hype” the benefits of steel.

The reality is that these benefits are all relative and many of the benefits are equally inherent in timber.


Steel frames are a lot more expensive than timber, increasing the cost for our clients.


Steel frame and truss systems are fully protected from white ant infestation. This is a good thing and seems to be one of the main reasons people choose them. However it does not protect your entire home so you still need to have a termite protection system.


  • Steel frames absorb heat, which causes them to expand and shrink in size resulting in the potential for cracks to appear.
  • Can be difficult to change onsite, timber can easily be adjusted to move windows and doors etc.
  • Can be noisy when joints move.

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