Time is Money – How to Save with the Right Builder

Time is Money – How to Save with the Right Builder


Build time

Considering building a new home? You would be alarmed by how much money is wasted by builders who take too long to not only start the construction of your new home, but also to finish the home.

When choosing your builder you need to watch out for build times that are watered down and offer you no assurance about when your new home is going to be finished.

When building with Stroud Homes Tamworth, the team understands how important build time is to you.

Therefore, Stroud offers clients a fair dinkum build time. This build time starts at council approval and finishes at hand over.


Time is money

“We’re not a laid back building company; we know you’re paying interest, we know you’re paying rent, and we know you need your new home built on time,” says Renee Verrier from Stroud Homes Tamworth.

Renee urges people who are looking for a new home builder to research their options, so they’re aware of the possible cost difference involved.

Below is a break down of the most common costs you’ll pay during a dragged-out home build with approximate figures:

  • Rates and/or tax being paid on vacant land – this amount varies on each site but it is not unusual for just the rates to be $50 per/week in Tamworth.
  • Mortgage repayments on the loans for vacant land and during the build PLUS the construction costs $400 p/w
  • Accommodation whilst your new home is being built, e.g. rent, current mortgage etc. $400 p/w
  • Increase in building costs $250 p/w

These cost can add up to an estimated total of $1,100 p/w or $4,766.67 per/month, which you’ll have to consider when you are comparing quotes between different builders.

Make sure that you get agreed time frames from your builder at the very start to avoid any nasty surprises.


Avoid the cost

Stroud Homes Tamworth has two tips to ensure that clients avoid these massive costs from the start:

  1. Get the builder to put the guaranteed build time into your quote, e.g. “guaranteed build time is from the breaking of soil on the build site until the owner’s receive the keys.” Don’t forget that every week is worth approximately $1,100 to you so make sure you add the difference to the builder’s quote who is going to take the longest.
  2. Get the builder to give you a guaranteed start time. Do as above and add the difference (average of $1,100 p/w) to the builder’s quote who is going to start the latest.

“It has been our experience that most people aren’t completing these two steps and are loosing approximately 3-4 months on their building process, which equates to just under $20,000 of unnecessary costs,” says Renee.

“Keep this figure in mind when you are comparing quotes and ALWAYS follow the two easy steps above to avoid wasting money!”

Our guarantees

Step into your beautiful new Stroud Home sooner with Tamworth’s 20 week build time guarantee (for single storey homes under 300 m2), including time for you to review the home with an independent inspector.

Peter Verrier
Peter Verrier

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