Tree Planting Day in Redland Bay

Tree Planting Day in Redland Bay

Fifteen trees for every home built

When you build with Stroud Homes you could also be contributing to important reforestation projects planned for your area.

Stroud Homes is proud to support its environment, and for every house Stroud Homes Brisbane East build, the company will contribute 15 trees to a local reforestation project.

“We want to build homes for families, and when you think families, you think of the children growing up in these beautiful homes,” says Stroud Homes Brisbane East co-owner Lisa Adams.

“We want them to grow up in a beautiful country also.”

Giving back

The Stroud Homes Brisbane East team does this by partnering with forestry professionals to identify environmentally relevant projects and then fund the planting of native forests.

“We aim to give back. We do understand the environmental effect of building new homes and want to do what we can to help,” says Lisa.

“We hold a ‘Tree Planting Day’ where our staff, our suppliers and sub-contractors and our clients can all join together to plants the trees and contribute to the local community.”

Stroud and Natural Environments

First tree plant

As a company, Stroud Homes has been planting trees around Australia for over five years.

However, being a relatively new franchise, Stroud Homes Brisbane East participated in its first planting day in Redland Bay in June this year, putting down over 300 trees in the ground in just over an hour.

The Brisbane East team also had the pleasure of working alongside the Redlands City Council on the day.

Forestlink reforestation project

ForestLink works with forestry experts to identify suitable projects to become involved in and is funded directly from Stroud Homes contributions.

The ForestLink reforestation projects involve more than just planting trees.

Stroud Forrest Link LogoForestLink contributions are also used to:

  • Control exotic weeds pre-plant
  • Control grass and weeds around newly planted trees and shrubs
  • Application of soil wetting agents

Please note that the ForestLink program does not plant trees on Stroud Homes customer’s land. Plantings take place on larger scale reforestation projects.

Learn about our building techniques designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions – Building Homes and the Natural Environment.

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