Upgrading Your Slab/Foundations

Upgrading Your Slab/Foundations

How Much does it cost to upgrade your slab and foundations?

troud Homes provides you with a ‘M’ class soil as a standard. We have found that 95% of other builders only provide you with a ‘S’ type soil which is only found to be about 2% of the building sites on the Sunshine Coast.

Below is an easy table to determine what the simple cost are to upgrade your soil for a standard Home up to 250m2.

What type of slab do I need?

For all ratings, it’s simply a matter of building a foundation that’s suitable for the soil type, and for the type, shape and size of house you want to build – an engineer will be able to figure out what’s most appropriate for your design and the site you’re building on.

Most Class ‘S’ sites will only need a basic reinforced slab while sites with other classifica-tions will require the slab to be stiffened. For slabs, this will require a series of cross beams in the slab – and sometimes piers too. This extra ‘stiffening’ helps to prevent the slab from bending and twisting.

Highly Reactive Soils

For ‘highly’ and ‘extremely’ reactive sites and problem sites (i.e. Class H1, H2, E or P), a structural engineer will need to do a special assessment and advise on how to safely build a house without the risk of damage due to soil movement. Visit build.com.au to find out more.

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