Vermilion 305

“Most Popular Acreage Design” for 2012.

The Vermilion 305 makes a truly imposing presentation that looks “right” on acreage; at over 30 meters wide the Vermilion makes the best of wide frontage land.

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Vermillion 305 Classic Facade Floor Plan
Due to differing State and Local Government regulations, plans may vary slightly to suit local requirements.

Bright and Breezy – don’t waste a view! With two sets of huge stacking glass sliding doors – the Vermilion design truly brings the outdoors in. With windows everywhere – you’ll be sure to capture every vista.

Our popular galley kitchen with double-door pantry: get serious about cooking! Practical 2-part outdoor area: outdoor kitchen area and Alfresco Dining area (outdoor kitchen not included)

See below for some of the custom Vermilion 305 home plans our customers have created…

Vermilion 305 Facade Options

  • Vermilion 305 Outback Façade
  • Vermilion 305 Classic Façade
  • Vermilion 305 Colonial Façade
  • Vermilion 305 Mountain Façade

Custom Vermilion Plans

Our Vermilion 305 acreage design is highly customisable. Common design alterations include:

  • Remove library/study wall to form one large room
  • Remove media wall to create large open living area
  • Bedroom positions are interchangeable with Bath/Laundry pod. These can be shuffled to have babies closer to master bedroom or teenagers farther away!
  • Attach a granny flat to create dual-living
  • Upgrade the garage
  • Vermilion 292 House Plan Variation
  • Vermilion 304 House Plan Variation
  • Vermilion 309 House Plan Variation
  • Vermilion 315 House Plan Variation
  • Vermilion 329 House Plan Variation
  • Vermilion 345 House Plan Variation
  • Vermilion 367 House Plan Variation
  • Vermilion 368 House Plan Variation

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