Versatile Structures Courtesy Of A Brisbane Granny Flat Builder

Versatile Structures Courtesy Of A Brisbane Granny Flat Builder

Among families with elderly people living with them, granny flats have become a popular option. But what exactly are granny flats?

Granny flats are a type of housing structure where a smaller, self-contained unit is attached to a larger main home. Basically, it is like having two structures on the same plot of land. Typically, the smaller structure is located at the back portion of the main structure and can either share the same yard or be sectioned off using fences.

As a self-contained unit, it contains the basic features you will typically find in simple homes. These include a bedroom, a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom and a laundry area – essentially, everything one needs in order to live comfortably and independently.

In Australia as well as other parts of the globe, the self-contained unit is usually reserved for the elderly parents of the homeowners who can live independently and wish to stay close with their immediate family members. But apart from this particular market segment, granny flats are also fast gaining popularity among people who wish to make their foray into property investment. Some homeowners even use granny flats as their own private den, home office or even as a workshop for their hobbies.

Savvy property owners, with the aid of an expert Brisbane granny flat builder, typically lease out the smaller portion to young single professionals or families, allowing them to add another income stream which they can use toward the payment of their initial investment or even other household expenses.

Whatever your purpose for the granny flat may be, whether you want to use it as a living space for a relative or as a property investment, the key here is to walk things through with your chosen builder and inform him of the purpose you intend to use the granny flat for. Granny flats are quite versatile structures and can be modified to suit the owner’s specific needs.

For example, if you intend to lease the granny flat, you can have it built such that you still maintain privacy in the main home even if there are other people nearby. On the other hand, if you intend to have an elderly relative live on the granny flat, you can have it modified to ensure safety, convenience and perhaps even make it friendlier for people with disabilities. To this end, the builder can widen the walls, make frequently used areas more accessible, and even install handy safety features like grab rails in the bathroom or ramps for wheelchair access.