Bryan & James Give A Walk-through Of A Granny Flat Design

Bryan & James Give A Walk-through Of A Granny Flat Design

In this video Bryan and James talk you, the viewer, through a Granny Flat floor plan design and explain some of the design considerations and features.

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James Stroud: So Bryan, this granny flat has been very successful. Why do you think that is?

Bryan Canavan: It has, James. I think for starters, when you actually look at it from the outside, you can see it actually doesn’t really take the appearance as though it’s a house plus a granny flat.

James Stroud: Okay, yeah.

Bryan Canavan: It tends to look like “wow, this is a lovely big house, lovely pitched roof, triple garage, all that at a nice acreage location.

James Stroud: How does that work, Bryan? Is there a wall in between the two garages?

Bryan Canavan: In this particular case, no. Once you open those doors, you’d see that’s completely open from one to the other. One of the ones we did, it suited the needs of by family so that they actually have a separate wall there, but no, in this one it didn’t. Apart from that James, it’s got high accent on privacy. You can see there and just a little bit there, they’re the two front doors. This is clearly a recess door and a front entry for the granny flat that’s located here and this is the main door for the main part of the house.

James Stroud: Okay, so it’s quite private for each family?

Bryan Canavan: Very much so, very much so. Apart from that that’s open, the rest of the interaction is 2 separate homes basically. Nobody can see through or see around. Maybe if we just drop down to the plan, so this is the floor plan below and basically what we’ve got, we’re looking from the photo here, we’re looking at the triple garage there, just from what I was saying though, the alfresco is located at the center of both homes, and that allows both parties from the granny flat and the main home, to decide if they want access to a common alfresco. We’re finding a lot of people are. It makes sense, you can obviously choose whether you go in or out and most of the time when you go out there and eating it’ll be nice to be with grandma, grandpa, the kids.

James Stroud: It’s a family event.

Bryan Canavan: Exactly, exactly. So that’s one thing you can’t see from the front.

James Stroud: I really like this feature in the walk-in pantry. I would assume the elderly family would be living in here, grandma and grandpa, and they can back their car in, reverse their car in and unload the grocery straight into the walk in pantry. What an effort saver.

Bryan Canavan: Absolutely. This particular lady loves cooking, enjoys her kitchen and for all intents and purposes, that’s a kitchen that most average houses would be happy with, let alone a granny flat. You’ve got a full breakfast bar there, as you pointed out you’ve got a full walk-in pantry. A lot of normal house kitchens don’t even have walk-in pantries but very sensibly placed; as you’ve said grocery straight in, food preparation, food consumption.

James Stroud: Something you mentioned to me the other day, Bryan, is that we have done it in this case but you are getting experienced at addressing the handicap…access for…

Bryan Canavan: Handicap access, yeah.

James Stroud: Access for handicap, wheelchair, widening the hallways and creating…

Bryan Canavan: Grab rails on the bath, that shares with someone, so yeah that’s something we can certainly incorporate as required.

James Stroud: Well that’s a fantastic picture; I think that anyone would be proud to move into that house, it just really comes up nice.

Bryan Canavan: Absolutely, and it’s extremely functional, James. As we say that’s a small house, it’s about 84 square meters but by the same time they have 2 good-sized bedrooms, they have a good bathroom, even a decent-sized linen cupboard, separate private toilet and we’ve spoken about the kitchen and the open area. Just a great home.

James Stroud: Excellent, well we look forward to speak to anyone that wants to come and see us about a great plan.

Bryan Canavan: Absolutely, this and many other plans.

James Stroud: Great, we do enjoy building them.

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