Waffle Pods

Waffle Pods

What are waffle pods?

This is where the concrete is sitting on (and around) a series of boxes (or Pods) set out in a grid pattern. Think of a waffle pod as a raft lying flat above your soil.


Are they just as strong as conventional slabs?

  • Waffle pod slabs are even stronger than conventional slabs, as the slab is poured as one piece.
  • They are equivalent in terms of stiffness and flexibility.
  • Both waffle pod slabs and conventional slabs are 85 mm to 110 mm thick concrete, as specified by the engineer.
  • Both slab types will have reinforced mesh 8-9 mm in diameter.

What are the advantages of using waffle pods?

  • About 30% less expensive than conventional slabs, saving you money.
  • More beams, closer centres than conventional slabs, stronger.
  • Our waffle pods are clean and top quality products.
  • Less susceptible to changing weather conditions, won’t crack.

What are the differences between waffle pods and conventional slabs?

1. Concrete Consumption

  • Conventional slabs use about 30% more concrete. This is due to the way the soil collapses into the trenches dug to create the beams.
  • Waffle pods are a very uniform shape and size, and are set out using spacers accurate to a few millimetres and thus use concrete more efficiently.
  • In this way, waffle pods benefit the customer in significant cost savings.


2. Drainage Capability

  • Conventional slabs sit lower the ground because the beams are formed by digging trenches in the dirt.
  • The beams in the waffle pod slabs are formed by setting out boxes on top of the surrounding soil. This allows the soil to be pushed up against the side of the waffle pod slab, therefore assisting drainage around the home.
  • In this way, waffle pods ensure that your home will be set 300 to 600 mm higher than the surrounding homes and landscaping, keeping your home high and dry!
  • The best way to get decades upon decades of great slab performance is to ensure consistent moisture levels under the home (by staying high and dry).