Weather the Storm, Get Ready and Plan Ahead

Weather the Storm, Get Ready and Plan Ahead

Believe it or not storm season is fast approaching, so it’s important to prepare your home and learn what to do if you are impacted by storms or flooding.

Storms can strike at any time, that’s why it’s important to always be prepared.

Prepare your home:

  • Trim trees and branches close to your house
  • Secure loose items in your yard
  • Clear gutters, downpipes and drains
  • Get your roof checked for damage or corrosion
  • Make sure all shades, sails and awnings are properly fitted
  • Get your insurance up to date

Stay safe while driving:

  • Always follow flood warning signs
  • Never drive through flood water
  • Shelter vehicles under cover, not under trees
  • Avoid driving when a storm is coming
  • Get your insurance up to date

Create an emergency plan:

  • The QLD SES have a designated website to help you prepare for storm season, just click on the link to create your own emergency

As a standard inclusion Stroud Homes build all homes to meet an N3 wind rating, this is excellent for South Queensland storm conditions. Check out our Standard Inclusions