What Does ‘Façade’ Mean When Building Your New Home?

What Does ‘Façade’ Mean When Building Your New Home?

Don’t be embarrassed. Most people that are new to building a home have no idea what that weird word ‘FAÇADE’ means. Pronounced “Fa’saad”, simply put it means the appearance of the front of your home.

Judge a book by its cover? Never!

The street appeal of your new home can play a huge part in the value of your home as your biggest investment and a stand out façade will make your home more appealing to buyers and therefore easier to sell in the future when it’s time to move on. The façade can set the mood to your home, gives your house a ‘personality’ and can set you apart from the rest of the street.

Always the last decision…

When you are deciding to build a new home, your focus is always firstly on the layout of the design, fitting the block, how many bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas, kitchen, flooring materials, windows and the entertaining areas. The façade of the home is often the last thing that you will have thought about.

So many façade options

There are many things to consider when choosing your façade, and much of these decisions come down to your personal taste and budget.

Here, we will take a look at our popular Wildflower 256 design and see how the same design can look completely different depending on the façade chosen:

Are you a brick person?

Bricks add a sense of texture and depth to the front of your home. With so many brick options if you want to get creative, the opportunities are endless! At Stroud Homes Gold Coast, our ‘Classic Façade’ features brick to the front of your home.

Wildflower 256 Classic Façade

Do you prefer a more streamlined look?

Render is your best option, smooth and clean render allows you to be the artist, choosing whatever colour scheme you like. Render is often the preferred choice for customers building with Stroud homes on the Gold Coast, and our ‘Coast Façade’ is perfect for people that prefer this look.

Wildflower 256 Coast Façade

Are you a little edgy and want to really stand out?

Our ‘Urban Façade’ is definitely for you! With various textures this modern contemporary look features a mix of materials and finishes. A definite stand out on any street.

Wildflower 256 Urban Façade

It’s all about whats up top?

Consider the roof the hat of your home….With the focus heavily on the skillion roof line, our ‘Skillion Façade’ features a roofline that is different to the traditional pitched or gabled roofline. Looking stunning in colourbond this roofline is modern and articulated creating the perfect show stopping look.

Wildflower 256 Skillion Façade

Nothing but the best?

Our signature ‘Mountain Façade’ offers the most stunning, and individual façade of our range. The raw appeal of the rockwork, combined with timber, creates an unforgettable first impression.

Wildflower 256 Mountain Façade

A little more traditional…

The ‘Federation Façade’ takes its inspiration from a time gone by, creating a sense of yesteryear while still delivering today’s modern lifestyle. This façade will sit proud on any street, be the envy of the neighbours and never date.

Wildflower 256 Federation Façade

This particular façade also has the option of being rendered, making it look completely different again:

Wildflower 256 Federation Façade – Rendered

With so many options, it purely comes down to taste and budget – you are guaranteed to select one that suits. All Stroud Homes designs come with an option to select the façade that suits you, whether it be Mountain, Classic, Coast, Urban, Skillion or Federation, our experts can help you to create a home that will be best on the street.

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