What it Means to be a ‘Black and White’ Builder

What it Means to be a ‘Black and White’ Builder

The Zebra’s Stripes are Black & White

To anyone that works or deals with Stroud Homes, the Zebra means something. It is a symbol. Black and White, straight down the line, easy to read, easy to understand and easy to see what you’re getting with your builder.

You might have heard stories of someone that built their new home and paid tens of thousands of dollars over what they were initially quoted and expected to pay. Maybe it was you?

But there’s a way to avoid this – go with a black and white builder!


Fixed Price Contract – No Hidden Fees!

Building new dream homes from the Brisbane River at Cannon Hill in the North, down to Eagleby in the South, Stroud Homes Brisbane East is proud to call themselves ‘black and white’.

But what does it really mean?

As a black & white builder, Stroud Homes Brisbane East make quotes easy to read and understand what is included. The quotes even have a section that tells you what is not included. This is being transparent!

Stroud Homes pride themselves on an ALL INCLUSIVE PRICING, meaning the price you get in your quote is your final price. This also includes site costs and council fees. So, there is no hidden surprises when it becomes time to sign the dotted line.

Stroud also include in the ‘standard’ pricing, up to 80K worth of ‘extras’ because who wants to build a home that doesn’t include towel rails, or floor coverings or a driveway.


What you see, is what you get!

Have you made the trek to a Display Home Village and been wowed by the extravagant homes on offer, only to wonder what they home would actually cost, and if your home would look the same as the one on Display?

As a black and white builder, Stroud Homes build their Display Homes to the same quality, and inclusions as all homes.

And yes, a few upgrades are available and featured. And with your home, your imagination is the limit when it comes to what upgrades you can choose.

The difference is, Stroud Homes will also tell you what the house ON DISPLAY will cost – no hidden fees!

You don’t have to be afraid to ask for changes or to add some lights or power points because of the cost either. Stroud Homes does not charge fee’s for changing our designs or electrical plans.

What you get charged is a fair and reasonable price for anything added to Stroud’s plans if the price of construction increases.

100% Real Pricing. No Hidden Costs. That’s a black and white builder!

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Chris Goodhand

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