What to Look For In a New Home (For Young Families)

What to Look For In a New Home (For Young Families)

Every family is unique in its needs and size. Stroud Homes Brisbane North has worked with various families to build their dream home into a reality. We understand that some families would prefer an open floor plan to watch their children grow and play (this is particularly popular with new homes), while others enjoy separate down time and have the floor plan designed for exactly that. Your family’s needs are important to us, so we do our best to find a home to suit your family, land and budget.

Below are 4 important tips for what to look for in a new home for young families.


Size definitely matters when it comes to your new home. Growing children need more space to grow and play, so the floor size of your home is important for future growth of the family. It’s also important to be realistic and think about the furniture and storage. For some families, it may be beneficial to have a designated playroom for kids to their own space with all their toys and materials.


Are you searching for a design for the children to make a ruckus at one end of the house whilst the adults have a quiet retreat to relax at the other end, or are you wanting the family to grow and play as one? Although the appearance of a home is important, the practicality of a home is essential. For example – Are the main family areas like the kitchen, dining and living area big enough for everyone to sit at and be comfortable? Can you accommodate extra people like your children’s friends or other family members? If your children are into sports or other recreational activities, the laundry will have to accommodate extra washing loads.


Certain aspects like the traffic flow in your street/surrounding streets can impact the safety of your home. Screening the home for exterior and interior safety hazards (sharp bench corners – particularly if you have younger children) can prevent unfortunate accidents in the future. Home safety hazards can include any fire threat, wall socket safety, stair safety, garden, pool and fencing safety. What are the crime rates for the suburb? Thanks to our Queensland Police Service, the public have access to see the crime rates in any suburb. The map gives you a few options to view the data – in heat maps and offence description.


Heat Map


Offence Description



Considering your family activities and requirements, it’s important to know where the local shops, local schools, local parks or nearest health services are. Is public transport accessible to and from schools if need be? Finding and comparing schools can be made easier with Better Education. This is a great tool for parents and caregivers to compare and view the schools in the neighbourhood. (http://bettereducation.com.au/Default.aspx)

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