What Toowoomba Residents Want In A New Home

What Toowoomba Residents Want In A New Home

Generous Home Heating a Must in Toowoomba

inbuilt-wood-heaterWe’ve all experienced a cold winter this year but while those of us on the coast throw an extra blanket on the bed, Toowoomba residents want a fireplace in their home.

Stroud Homes’ Toowoomba builder, Patrick Neville, has found one of the more common requests from people building new homes with him is for a wood burning fireplace.

“Fireplaces aren’t standard in our home designs, they’re an added extra but fairly common in these areas to beef up the heating capacity of the homes,” Patrick says.

Ducted air conWhile fireplaces are popular, most people find the ducted air-conditioning – a common upgrade – is ample for heating up a family home.[vertical-spacer]

New Savannah 262 Display Home opening late October

Stroud Homes Savannah 262Speaking of inclusions, construction has started on Stroud Homes Toowoomba’s display home so customers can see for themselves the quality of a Stroud home and what is included as a standard.

To cover the more popular choices in Toowoomba the display home will be the Savannah 262 design featuring the Mountain Façade, the most popular façade in the Toowoomba market.

Patrick says “the Mountain Façade has been received really well in Toowoomba, with four bedroom homes generally more popular, and there’s an even, half/half mix of town blocks and acreage blocks being built on.”

Wildflower and Kentucky designs popular

Kentucky-348-Colonial_Facade_Aug_2015Some other popular designs in Toowoomba include the Wildflower and Kentucky varieties.

Set to open towards the end of October, the new display will be on a town block, but the open design, large bedrooms and living areas will make it feel much bigger than it is.

Although it’s a standard Savannah design, most of Toowoomba’s home builds have modifications to the design and the display is there to showcase the high quality of Stroud’s finish.

Wildflower_300_Coast_2.7_ceiling“Our customers are most happy with the finish, they see their new home and they can’t fault it in any way,” Patrick says.

If you’re looking to build a new home in Toowoomba, you don’t have to wait until the display home is open. You can visit the Toowoomba display centre in Highfields or call the team on 1300 125 879.

Be sure to compare inclusions in quotes for new homes

81inclusions-badgeWhile you’re looking for a builder Patrick advises you make sure you’re comparing apples with apples in that you compare quotes with the same inclusion level.

“Stroud has a lot more standard inclusions than many other standard home designs, so really look into what you’re getting for your dollar and going down to the nitty gritty with it.”