What’s Included In 2017

What’s Included In 2017

It’s looking to be a big year ahead for all of us. Travis from Stroud Homes Wollongong already has a number of building projects underway, there are plans in the works for a display home later in the year, and many first home buyers are considering building their first home.

We asked Travis what kind of advice he’d offer new home buyers looking to build their first home, and the key point we took away was “inclusions.”

“Be really aware of the quality of your inclusions, as in brand names and warranty offered. That’d be the main thing, making sure you know what you’re getting for the price”, Travis says.

You really want to make sure you know what’s included in the build price.

“Don’t get caught with hidden costs – look out for hidden extras that may be there and don’t accept a price with a range, look for a fixed price contract.”

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Everything’s included, from the driveway to the back patio

This is where Stroud Homes differs from many other building companies, and people in Wollongong have started to notice.

“The thing that stands out for most people is we encompass the whole build, particularly whereas others will leave bits and pieces out.”

What that means for you is you know what you’re budgeting for – the price that we give you is the price for a fully finished home when it comes time to hand over the keys.

“Our general inclusions don’t require upgrading to have something nice.”

The entire home, from the slab to the frame, driveway and even the air conditioner are all good quality and ready for you to enjoy now, without any further changes.

If you’re thinking of building your first home this year, talk to the team at the Wollongong display centre today.