Why Build with Stroud Homes Wollongong

Why Build with Stroud Homes Wollongong

Stroud Homes puts customers first

The Illawarra region has experienced rapid growth in the past few years and is now an area where more and more families are choosing to build their new dream homes.

Stroud Homes Wollongong is serving in the region of Illawarra, Nowra and the Southern Highlands, which according to the company’s Homes Sales Consultant, Jared Powell, are areas that are in great demand at the moment.

“There are plenty of new estates that have great land available with real potential,” says Jared.

“Anyone thinking of buying real estate in this market should consider a newly built Stroud Home. We can help you find the right block of land so your new home will fit your family, your block and your budget.”

And when deciding to build with Stroud Homes Wollongong, you can rest assured that, as a client, you will always be put first.

“We have a certain amount of jobs at one time which means our building supervisor has the time to spend at your house to make sure the quality is of the highest standard,” Jared explains.

“We also get the work inspected and report completed by an independent company.”

Stroud build in wollongong

Recently completed double storey home design


Stroud Homes also offer all their clients built in guarantees such as their 20-week build time guarantee on a standard single-storey home under 300m2.

This guarantee means you will be able to move into your new home sooner, knowing it will be fully finished and ready with the vast range of inclusions chosen by you.

This is important to many clients as they may by forced to move in with family during the building time, or end up paying for expensive accommodation elsewhere.

Stroud Homes also offer a 7-year structural warranty to all clients, as well as a 25-year warranty on Timber frames. They also offer a 12-month warranty period on non-structural items, at minimum.


During the construction phase of your build there will be opportunity to make changes, Jared tells us.

“We do not charge you to make the house more suited to your family or budget,” he explains.

“We will give you guidance as to whether the changes you make may affect the flow or layout of the house in a negative way and will offer our expert guidance to provide solutions to these changes.”

The only aspects you will need to consider is if you decide to change a structural element, such as a wall, which will require to be re-engineered and cost accordingly.

You will also have to be prepared that making certain changes to your plan might result in a prolonged building time.

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If you’d like to talk to the team from Stroud Homes Wollongong about building a new home in the area, or would like further information on changes – give the team a bell on 02 4296 6050.

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Jared Powell