Why Build With Stroud Homes?

Building your own house can be incredibly exciting, but it can also be risky, unless you find a reliable building team who are guaranteed to deliver you the results you want. Stroud Homes is one of Australia’s leading building companies. Created in 2006 by James Stroud, a trained construction engineering technologist, the company specialises in providing contemporary designs and practical functionality for your home.

In the six years, they have been operating, Stroud Homes has built 120 homes and each and every one of their customers has been ecstatic with the results. The firm has built up an excellent reputation with a completely blemish free track record. This is due to the quality control system, which Stroud employers have adopted, and includes keeping a “living checklist”. On the rare occasion something goes wrong, it is added to the checklist so it never happens again. This means Stroud Homes are constantly learning and perfecting their expertise.

Once you have moved in, Stroud Homes will continue to provide its excellent customer service. It can take a while to get to know your new surroundings, which is why the company remains on hand for up to six months after the project has been completed. is an organisation which was set up to make sure customers get what they pay for when it comes to building work. Each and every home built by Stroud Homes is inspected by an independent Handover inspector, so you can sit back and relax knowing our work has passed the very highest of building standards. Stroud Homes work comes so highly recommended that the company has been awarded with two certificates acknowledging their zero defect homes, which is quite a notable achievement in the building industry.

Not only can Stroud Homes provide you with a list of excellent testimonials from former clients, who have been bowled over with the level of service they received but you can also check Stroud’s track record by doing a Queensland Building Services Authority license search. The QBSA is a statutory authority, which can verify the standard of work that has been carried out.

Stroud Homes employ only the very best people in the trade, who take pride in their work and strive for excellence. Having built more homes in the Queensland area than any other building company, Stroud Homes can guarantee you will not be disappointed with your new home

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