Why now is a great time to start your new home

Why now is a great time to start your new home


Restrictions are lifting (finally!)

Stroud Homes is passionate about adhering to the Covid-19 restrictions, and thanks to everyone’s efforts, the building industry has been lucky to be still going during this time.

Now Stroud Homes Ballarat is eager and ready to go full steam ahead after some further restrictions are being lifted later this week.

We speak to owners and Managing Directors Simon Walshe and Brad Vagg about why now is a great time for people to start a conversation about their new home and beat the mad rush when restrictions are lifted.

“Now is a great time to get all your ducks in a row and beat the pack to the starting gate,” Simon says.

“I have a list of clients who are waiting to see what happens and the first ones who are keen to get going will get a head start.”


Same level of service

During Covid-19 restrictions, there has been no change in the level of service Stroud Homes Ballarat has been able to provide clients.

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“We have been able to meet the restrictions and still give the service our clients require, Simon explains.

“There have been some more Zoom meetings with clients but overall we have been able to continue as usual and all our current projects have stayed on target.”

Thanks to great relationships with suppliers, the team has been kept up to date during this time and products and materials have been delivered on time.

Avoca 227 Skillion Façade

Not surviving, but thriving

Stroud Homes Ballarat also have close relationship with a good portion of the real estates in town.

According to Simon they have all been experiencing strong sales recently, with most exceeding the sales price. For one agency, Simon says, April was the best month in history.

“Everyone’s situation is different, but if a client is in the position to act now it is a great time as the market is as good as it has ever been,” he says.

“We are expecting there to be a rush as the restriction have lifted.”

“There are quite a few of our enquires prior to the restrictions who wanted to wait and then we anticipate there will be the run of people who have been waiting for it to finish.”


Get in, in time!

Looking back on the past few months, Simon says he and the team have been able to not only survive, but thrive through the pandemic, with no dip in enquiries.

“There was a quiet patch for the first two weeks of the restrictions but since then the last few weeks have been as good, if not better, than before.”

“The people who have been ready to go are keen to push though, while they perceive a quiet time in the market, it’s a good time to get ready to go.”

“We’ve had some other clients who have been keen to get everything ready to go so as soon as the restrictions are lifted, and their life goes back to normal they want to be ready, overall, it has been positive.”

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We understand these are uncertain times with many people being at home, but this can also be a great opportunity to start thinking about your new dream home.

You can contact me, Simon, directly at any time on 0438 366 996. You can also message us on our Facebook Page.

I am the director of Stroud Homes Ballarat and I’m more than happy to have an obligation-free chat with people who have questions about starting the building process.

Simon  Walshe
Simon Walshe

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