Why You Should Choose a Split Level Home

Why You Should Choose a Split Level Home

Clever Split Level Design

Split level homes are a fantastic option for home buyers looking to build on sloping blocks of land.

These homes are cleverly designed to suit upward, downward and sideways sloping land so that owners can get the most of their land and optimise their views – to name just a few benefits.

What are the benefits of choosing a split level home on a sloping block?

There are several benefits to choosing a split level home:

  • The obvious one is the home will contour the land giving better elevation and views.
  • Another is space utilisation. Very little land is wasted, with the split level allowing for multiple floor spaces to overlap.
  • The staggered floors also give a stylish backdrop flowing throughout the home.
  • On steeper blocks, there can be a cost-saving. A split level building pad will avoid an expensive site cut and an even more expensive engineered retaining walls.

Why do you think there is a need for split level homes in Melbourne North at the moment?

It’s likely to come down to availability and cost of land. The housing boom has seen many builders and developers aggressively promote easier and cheaper to build on, flatter land. This has created a pricing disparity, with less sought after, steeper blocks trading at an attractive discount to flatter ones.

With home buyers becoming increasingly price sensitive, purchasing cheaper sloping land has created a lot more interest in split-level home designs.

Which Stroud Homes design works best as a split-level home or do you need to create a custom design?

It really depends on the land. If it is an irregular shape, quite narrow or very steep we will look at creating a custom design split-level for our customers.

If we can, we will promote our Stroud Homes designed split-level homes. Generally, a narrower longer home, like our Bronte or Wildflower is well suited for upwards or downwards sloping blocks – while our wider ranch style homes, like the Beechmont, will work better of sideways sloping land.

Can you tell me about any of the split-level homes Stroud Homes Melbourne North are working on now or in the past?

We have a number of customers building or looking to build split level homes. We have a Bronte 225 and a custom design split level home in the process of being built in Hidden Valley and a Wildflower 274 in Kilmore.

We have spent a good deal of time with our customers matching the right home to their land.

What is your key feature of those home designs?

The key feature is to better utilise the land. The avoidance of unsightly high and costly retaining walls is a big motivator as is getting better views of the surrounding land.

Our split levels are also giving our customers better use of their land, with our rear living and alfresco areas leading seamlessly out into the backyards.

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