Wildflower 190

Bright and Breezy – the “Wildflower” design brings the outdoors in. The design allows the living and alfresco areas to overlook a pool and gardens providing an “everyday resort” feel.

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Due to differing State and Local Government regulations, plans may vary slightly to suit local requirements.

We’ve minimised the amount of hallway to give flowing, connected living areas and more value for your dollar. Best of all, the children have their own area to retire to when they want. Good sized bedrooms (3m x 3m) are a feature of this efficient design.

Wildflower 190 Facade options

  • Wildflower_190_Skillion_Facade_July_2015
  • Wildlower_190_Aplpine_Facade_July_2015
  • Wildlower_190_Classic_Facade_Dec_2015
  • Wildflower 190 Urban Façade
  • Wildflower 190 Mountain Façade
  • Wildflower 190 Coastal Facade
  • Wildflower 190 Portico Façade

Wildflower 190 Interior

  • stroud_homes_wide_bay_wildflower_190_display_home_4
  • stroud_homes_wide_bay_wildflower_190_display_home_2
  • stroud_homes_wide_bay_wildflower_190_display_home_3
  • Stroud_Homes_Wildflower_190_interior_11
  • Stroud_Homes_Wildflower_190_interior_10
  • Stroud_Homes_Wildflower_190_interior_14
  • Stroud_Homes_Wildflower_190_interior_12
  • Stroud_Homes_Wildflower_190_interior_13
  • Stroud_Homes_Wildflower_190_interior_6
  • Stroud_Homes_Wildflower_190_interior_7
  • Stroud_Homes_Wildflower_190_interior_2
  • Stroud_Homes_Wildflower_190_interior_4
  • Stroud_Homes_Wildflower_190_interior_1
  • Stroud_Homes_Wildflower_190_interior_3
  • Stroud_Homes_Wildflower_190_interior_20
  • Stroud_Homes_Wildflower_190_interior_21
  • Stroud_Homes_Wildflower_190_interior_16
  • Stroud_Homes_Wildflower_190_interior_8
  • Stroud_Homes_Wildflower_190_interior_15
  • Stroud_Homes_Wildflower_190_interior_19

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