Wildflower 256 Design Walkthrough With James & Bryan

Wildflower 256 Design Walkthrough With James & Bryan


James Stroud: James Stroud from Stroud Homes and I’m here today with Bryan Canavan, our senior sales consultant and today we’re having a look at the Wildflower 256. Now Bryan, we have been building a lot of these homes for people, what it is about this home that makes it so popular?

Bryan Canavan: Thanks James. It just seems to be a plan that works. You don’t often always get that with all plans but this one just seems to flow particularly well from start all the way through. Probably the best way is to just have a look at the plan. We’ll just zoom in and have a look at the floor plan. Basically the few areas I’ll just highlight that the feedback that I’m getting from clients, both ones that are looking at it and ones we’ve already built. The child’s retreat area – this is just so popular, whether or not  you’ve got little kids, medium-sized kids or older teenagers, it’s just a good area to actually have them their own little lounge room. You can see the bedrooms are all located, the bedrooms 2, 3 and 4 around that area and that gives a bit of peace and quiet to mom and dad. As we move down through the home, you can see it’s got its own media room, quite a sizeable media room so the family can come together there and watch movies, play games, whatever.

The master bedroom is probably the single biggest feature of the whole home and the design. You can see there’s virtually no doors; there is a door to the toilet so you’ve got privacy there but as you flow from the bedroom through to the walking ramp to the on suite, there’s no doors as such but it’s still full privacy. It’s just a beautiful layout and again it just works. We’ll have a look at the open plan area. It’s quite generous but it’s made fairly even bigger than what it is because we have no pillar here so both these stack of doors actually lock into each other so when they’re open there’s no pillar, there’s no barrier to the outside so it actually makes the alfresco feel as though it’s part of the internal area. So that’s pretty much it, James.

James Stroud: Yeah well that’s interesting, Bryan. Some of my favorite features in the home are slightly different than yours. I love the way that the master bedroom has that option to look straight out onto a swimming pool into from this area and I also love the one little feature we’ve been able to work in the back of this walk-in pantry, which is a small wine rack and it gives you the opportunity to show off your wine collection, which is a really nice little feature. The actual look of the home is quite unique too and we hope that we’re setting some new trends in the building industry with our use of stone and heavy timber on the front, just delivering that thing that everyone is looking for, which is something different.

Bryan Canavan: Thanks James. It’s a great home and I have no doubts it will continue to be as popular as it is.

James Stroud: Great, thanks for listening. See you next time.