Wollongong Site Costs Explained

Wollongong Site Costs Explained

Travis Butler Wollongong Builder

The Importance of Site Costs

Site Costs are all of the processes necessary to get the site of your new house ready to begin building on it.

If you’ve never built before, you may not understand their important role not only in the building process but also the significant impact they have on the price of your build.

Travis Butler from Stroud Homes Wollongong gives us the low down on Site Costs.

What are site costs?

Site costs are directly related to the block of land you are building on. These can include:

  • the amount of site fencing required to secure your block during the build
  • the slope of your land
  • soil type
  • presence of rock which affects the earth works and engineering
  • distance to services from the proposed house
  • vegetation on the block
  • access to the building site and so on.

Why is completing a site inspection on a block important before a client buy that block of land?

Because the items listed above can add a great deal of money and difficulty in design to a build, particularly with the slope.

All of the site costs impact the cost of your new home so they should be investigated early. Did you know Stroud Homes offers free site evaluations?

What kind of site costs can you uncover at a site inspection?

Generally, you can gauge the slope, protruding rock, vegetation to be removed or retained, service locations, power lines, existing structures, access for deliveries, workers and heavy vehicles.

Free site evaluation with Stroud Homes

Can you tell me how falls, rises and slopes affect site costs?

These would be considered part of the earthworks. As the amount of fall/slope increases so does the amount of earthworks. This can start with time spent with machines on-site, the potential removal (cartage and disposal) of soil that cannot be retained on site.

Then stepping of the site for the floor levels, steps in the slab face itself, drop edge beams maybe required, then retaining walls maybe required to contain soil or contribute to construction. As you can see, it can become quite a list of extra works and costs involved.

How important are soil tests?

They are required for the design of your footing/slab system so extremely important. They can also discover the potential depth or location of rock that cannot be determined from a visual inspection.

Why is your soil so important to the future of your house?

Basically, because this is what holds you house up. The type, density, reactivity all play a part in the design of you footing system. If the ground moves, swells or shrinks your house will want to follow.

Proper engineering and construction will limit the amount of movement created by the soil thus limiting the potential for any footing failure or damage to your home.

When does a client become aware of site costs with Stroud Homes Wollongong?

We always make an allowance up front for the site costs involved and we are very clear about what and how much is included.

Once we get a site survey and soil testing completed, we can confirm that those allowances are enough or inform of the possible extra amount required.

People who have built before often have been burned by site costs, why is this?

I think some builders are not open about the site costs up front. The client may not understand what or how much is included and have not fully understood their position as far as their contractual commitments prior to this stage.

Site in Wollongong

We hope this has cleared up some very important questions you might have about site costs.

If you’d like more information or would like to talk to Travis and the team from Stroud Homes Wollongong about building a new home or site costs, give them a call on 02 4296 6050 or use the form below: